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When I got offended

This week I was challenged by something that happened to a dear friend of mine.   Those who know me know how much I hate any form of status or elitism.  I think its stupid – especially among believers.   We know better.  We know the cross of Jesus levels all people to equality no matter what size, color, personality, size of teeth….   Daddy loves all and therefore, we do too.   However, we’re frail humans who seem to fall prey to want the “beautiful people’s” vote.   All of us fall for it from time to time.

My dear friend had one of these experiences of being blatantly pushed aside for not being “beautiful”.  It was one of the most obvious, horrible forms of exclusion I’ve heard of in awhile.  I was mortified.  Angered.  Livid, actually.  My heart burned with wanting justice for all those who’ve been shoved aside for outward appearances.   I called her, still hot with anger, wanting to tell her the truth of who she was.  I was sure she was crushed in her heart.  I was coming to the rescue….

But she rescued me.   What a gracious, beautiful woman she is.   Instead of feeling pushed aside…. Instead of offense….. instead of a broken heart, she stood tall, full of dignity and loved.   She told me of how she had been just teaching her kids about the armour of God, and specifically, about the belt of truth.  She was learning how to put her belt of truth on and passed this test with flying colors.  She offered nothing but grace and forgiveness.   Her words were seasoned with God-confidence that could only come from her roots being right where they should be.

I was humbled by my friend’s ability to live loved when my SELF would have wanted to break.   She is strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.   I said to her; “When I grow up, I want to be just like you!”  Even though I was trying to be funny, I was serious.   After hanging up the phone I asked God to make my heart more like my friend’s heart.   To help me practice what I’ve been preaching lately:

To see others by His Spirit and NOT personality

I want to see past my view of people’s actions.  I’d want them to do the same for me!  I judge myself by my INTENTIONS, but I judge others by their actions.   And they judge me for my actions not my intentions.  My intentions are always great (I promise!). Whether it comes out that way is another story.  Wouldn’t this be true of those I question?

The battle is won by people like my friend.   Her heart reminded me of those Jesus would like; “the last shall be first….”    She’s ok with finding herself in God.

Maybe I’ll try that out too….

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