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Let me introduce myself… wait! who AM I?? A struggle with identity

Have you ever had to introduce yourself in a group setting.  Daunting task for even an extrovert like me.

This is dedicated to those of you who are apprehensive about yourself….. you’ve been on my heart. I got to thinking about what it would be like to introduce yourself if you were feeling any sort of feelings such as; “There’s nothing really interesting about me!” or “I’m not doing anything significant in my life. What do I have to offer?!”

Let me introduce myself.

Hey, I’m Connie. I’m a mom of 2 boys. I’ve been married to a very sweet man for 12 years and we have 2 wiener dogs.


For the first time since I can remember I haven’t been defining myself by what I DO or what new dream I’m working towards. I’m on an adventure of discovery who I am in Christ alone…. and being ok with being who He made me – which some days I find really hard because sometimes I find myself incredibly annoying!
Who am I? Depends on the day…. depends on the time of day! Wife, mommy, friend, coffee advocate….
I love being creative through dance, music or writing.
I’m a closet introvert: you think I’m outgoing? It takes a lot of alone time to pull out my “sanguine”. I value deep, kindred-spirit friendships.
I’m a coward. Without the motive of obedience to Christ, I wish I could hide in a hole. The only difference between myself and other cowardly ones is I’ll suck it up and do it despite. It takes an great amount of energy to step out, which is why I value encouragement so much.
Encouragement is my number one gifting. Everything I do flows from a crazy infatuation with being an encouragement to others! I get a thrill out of being able to exercise that gift on a regular basis.
I love women of all generations and love it when they interact! I am an advocate for the youth following behind us. I want to run well so I can pass them something that will cause them to go further than we did. I want to honor the great women who go before us. (and I love to party with the older ones… they’re wilder than you think!!)
I have foot in mouth syndrome and say stupid things at times, but with that same mouth, I open my life vulnerably to others in hopes to encourage and strengthen their lives.
I dance for a living…. right now. God seems to move me around, places me to do things that shock me! I started dancing by accident, just wanting to lose some weight at 22 years old. Taking a hip hop class was just for fitness! (and because in Bible College I couldn’t dance so it was my chance! haha!) Funny how it progressed. I’ve asked God for years why on earth He has me in a dance profession! He’s got a good sense of humor…. But I love writing dance shows based around social justice issues and issues that people are struggling with. He’s now been opening doors to write more, which between you and me, scares me! But where’s the adventure in comfort, right?!
I’m artistic and random… my brain patterns are represented well in my random statements in this intro. In my house, I’m surrounded by concrete, left-brain guys. There may be hope for me in my youngest…..
I love my family. I’ve lost my dad and grandparents, which is a place of mourning that remains deep in my heart, but also fills me with a great thankfulness for my husband and boys. I have a mandate to grow my boys into the men God has planned for them. No small task, hey momma’s??!
I have a deep longing to adopt in my heart. My heart for the orphan grows in my heart more each day. I dream of this becoming a reality for our family one day in the future.
I long for our family to travel to poor parts of the earth together to serve. We have missionary hearts; for where we live and for the nations of the world. I love people who don’t know Jesus.
I care deeply for people.
I’m sold on living out the simple, small life God has given me to live, knowing that as I simply obey, God will do what He desires to get done through me.
Most of my day is spent doing what we all would put in the category of “ordinary”, but ordinary doesn’t intimidate me or make me feel insignificant any more. What I do matters. Caring for my family matters. Loving my neighbour matters. The prayers unseen count.


I’m a bit of a rebel…. which you’ll hear more about later.
My ambition in life is to get to the place where I can truly say: “To live is Christ, to die is gain”.


What about YOU?  Who are you?  What’s fun about you? Deep about you?  What makes you passionate?  What gets you fired up and excited?  I had a friend encourage me yesterday to write down in a book whatever I felt God say He feels about me when I’m reading the Word.  What a great idea!  Who does HE say you are?  Do you know?

I bet your something else!  Believe it and impact the world around you!

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