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I was an orphan….

I read the book; “Love You More”, by Jennifer Grant in one day.  Yup.  One day.   That’s not a normal occurrence  for me, it was just that compelling.  It took me back to when I was 4 years old; when my dad and mom got married.  I remember being the flower girl, looking up at mom, the bride, looking so beautiful!  I wanted to be her, and I wanted her bouquet…   I was actually upset that she was getting married and I wasn’t!  Funny, four year olds..

From day one my dad would always say that he didn’t just marry my mom, he married our family.   He was just as committed to being my father as he was being my mom’s new husband.  Before him, I had no concept of “dad”.  I hadn’t attended school yet, so I didn’t really realize what I was missing.  My mom tells me the day in kindergarden when I explained to my class what had happened that summer; “Well, my mom married my dad and now we’re a family!”.

We most certainly had a rough-go as a family.  This whole “dad” thing wasn’t all that great at times – especially when he would discipline me.  His British ways were foreign to my sensitive soul.  But I always knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he WANTED to be my dad.  He couldn’t have children so he would often say; “Without you, I’d have no hope of a child”.   Likewise, without him, I’d have no hope of a dad and my life would have been dramatically different.   There was a part of our family that was missing until we found each other.

I too, have a deep yearning in my heart to adopt.  It’s an injustice that so many children are fatherless, left to fend for themselves here in Canada and abroad.   The book, “Love You More” spoke right to that yearning.  I journeyed with the author through her emotions through searching, waiting, to finally meeting her daughter and bringing her home.   She was raw and honest about the whole experience and brought up matters I never would have guessed adoption would bring.  She didn’t candy-coat the experience and was candid about what kind of heart it takes to adopt.   She laid out the reality that wanting to adopt has to encompass so much more than just having a heart for the orphan.   You’ll have to read the book to find out what that is.

I thank God for the adoption He gave me through my earthy father who is now with Jesus.  I’m so thankful that he didn’t just want to marry my mom, but wanted ME too.  One day I hope to fill the hole in my heart knowing that I can be a mother to someone without one; for our family to be completed with whoever that little one is.

Whether you have a heart to adopt yourself or just love a book that will take you through someone’s raw and real experience, this book is a must-read!   It’s content is close to the Father’s heart, echoing His heart for the orphan longing to belong to someone.


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  1. September 7, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    What a compelling post and testimony to the power of adoption, of what it means to a child to be wanted. Truly appreciate hearing your story!
    I loved this book as well. It’s a wonderfully well-written book that will inspire you even if you are not planning to adopt. I could relate to so much of Jennifer’s story as she shared the struggles and joys of building a family (even before she felt called to adopt). This is a true and beautiful story.

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