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The best thing I ever did

Today is my son Ben’s 5th birthday.  How time flies!  I can still remember the first month of trying to adjust to motherhood… and no sleep.   He was a feisty one from birth, coming into the world with full force and vigor!  My world hasn’t been the same since.  I have watched him grow from this wee tiny baby, to the boy I see before me today.  (I wanted to say “little boy”, but he would have very quickly corrected me that he’s not a little boy!)

I remember the first year wanting to hurry to each stage: when will he eat?  when will he sit? when will he crawl?  when will he talk?  when will he walk?  I feel like I blinked and now here he is, five years old and ready to start kindergarden.  Now the reality of the days with him home with me full time will never return have entered my mind making me want to soak in every moment.

I can’t believe it took me so long to take the plunge into having him.   I was so involved in work and establishing myself as a successful woman in ministry and business.    What would children do to my train of ambition?!   I was longing to find myself in accomplishments.  Now in retrospect, I see how foolish that was.  I see how Ben has given me more than any successful pursuit could ever give.  My life has experienced the rich depth of learning to give of myself for someone else.  I have tasted the sweet brokenness of realizing I have no wisdom within myself to raise a strong man who will offer dignity and strength to his Creator’s world.  It has rushed me to dependance in God’s grace more than any business challenge ever did.

What a gift my son is.  He teaches me to slow down and laugh.  He shows me that life isn’t what I do, it’s what I pass on.  He completes me and my family.   I can’t believe God trusted me with him.   His witty humour catches me off guard and gives me joy (and at times, a ton of embarrassment with his lack of filter in public!)  He blows me away with his love for numbers, puzzles, and concrete thinking (makes me wonder if he’s really my child?!!)   His point of view is fresh, unviolated by the world.   He makes me think about why, why, why things are the way they are and why we believe what we do.   He grounds my life and makes my roots extend deep.

Happy birthday to my sweet son.  Mrs Plum loves you (he calls me Mrs Plum).   You are a treasure and a blessing to our lives.   Without you, there would be an emptiness I would never figure out how to fill.

Watch out world!  Ben’s five and ready to take over!

  1. September 1, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Happy Birthday Ben!

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