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Stop when you have to pee…..

This summer I dove into adventure with my two sons and took them on a road trip to camp.   Usually when hubby is with me, I’m the one requesting to stop quite often for the restroom, but being alone with my two sons brought out the road warrior in me.  With a 10 month old baby, I knew time was of the essence!  So we hit the road hard and drove.


Every now and then my four year old would boldly announce his need for the washroom.  I would grumble like my husband usually does and pull over on the side of the road, mentioning for him to make it quick.


After many times telling my son how important it was for us to keep driving, making as few stops as possible, something happened….. now I had to go to the washroom… BAD.   No gas station in sight.   I drove harder, faster, but no gas station appeared.   I tried sitting in every position possible while driving to ease the pain.  Soon, I was in desperation mode.  I had to pee NOW.   I saw a perfect spot, with a spot to pull over ta boot!!  It was a hill with tall grass and a few trees that would suffice as shields from traffic driving by.  However, at this point, I was in so much pain I could have cared less who saw me!


Without bearing too many details, I would like to mention here in case of any gentlemen reading, that women have to do such tasks with strategy.   It’s not a quick 1-2-3-outta there deal.   Where the pants are put and the special “squat” position is placed is key.   I, unfortunately, missed the mark that day.   I finished my business only to pull up soaking wet shorts.   My son compassionately yelled; “You peed your pants!!!”.  I then told him I did NOT pee my pants….. I peed ON my pants….


Oh how I wish I wouldn’t have been so ambitious to drive as far as I did.  In my determination, I had passed a dozen opportunities to pull over, but was too consumed with tunnel vision of moving forward as fast as possible.


How typical of Connie; on the road and in life.  Go as fast as possible only to find I’ve missed some crucial stops!!   Sometimes, we just need to stop – no matter how inconvenient.   That stop may be the last one we get for awhile!


Today, embrace the pit stops.  Refuel, use the restroom and then be on your way again.  You’ll be thankful you did….

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