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Something special about our home

I live in the house my grandparents lived in. Its very special to us because I have many wonderful childhood memories within it. Now that they are gone, we have renovated most of the house to reflect our own family, but there’s one thing I will never rid of; the apple tree in the backyard. It’s a beautiful tree that I used to climb as a child. Grandma would make the most amazing crab apple jelly. My grandpa was very innovative and was able to graft a gala apple branch into the tree. Now the apple tree gives us crab apples and gala apples a plenty every fall.
Walking in our yard today, I could see the apples getting more ready to be picked.  It’s exciting for my son who is always asking, “Are they ready yet?!” Soon our home will be filled with the fresh aroma of apple sauce, jelly and other baked yummies. This apple tree, once small and offering very little fruit when it was first planted, now is a mature tree with branches that can with hold the weight of children that love to climb its limbs, and gives a bountiful amount of apples.

It’s a precious memory of my grandparents. I often think of their love, generosity and care when I look outside at my beautiful tree. It speaks of a value they modelled so well while alive; leaving a legacy. I’m so glad they planted this tree. It’s something to carry on even after they have passed. Just as my mom, then myself enjoyed the tree as children, now my children get to experience that same joy. What a beautiful gift to pass down.

This tree reminds me of a bigger picture above my routine-oriented days with young children at home. It reminds me to live well, love deeply and remember that what I live for is passed down. That even my feelings of “meaningless activity” is all being built together to one day be extended further than my life’s breath.

It reminds me that this legacy goes beyond my own family. Many love to come and pick apples from our tree. We love to share it with others! Just the same, we love to share our lives with others, hopefully encouraging and strengthening others around us. It reminds me that our lives will either sustain or weaken those around us.

Just recently I read an amazing book that I could not put down. It was called “Nurture” by Lisa Bevere. I’d like to quote a few things from the book that jumped out and touched my heart!

“We are not what we do, we are what we pass on. If we selfishly try to protect our personhood, we lose many things that make life worth living. WE CHOOSE WHAT WE PASS ON. Do we want them to inherit regret, pain and mistakes?? We need to decide how we are going to position the next generations. We are the ones who choose what the next generation will inheirit. It will inherit one of two things: God’s promises or our fears. Whether you “signed up” to be an example, you are one. It’s time the older women took back the role as “supermodel”.

I couldn’t have said that better. We live in a generation that is consumed with ourselves. I can’t live my life chasing after my own dreams and ambitions leaving my boys in my dust trail. Likewise, I feel a responsibility to the younger generation; to give them something worth following behind. Something that gives them hope to endure and enough to sustain their strength after I’m gone.

Legacy isn’t grandeur, its following through in the simple, day to day “small things”….. Like planting an apple tree and watering it. Doesn’t look like “legacy” in that moment, but if continued, it is sure to leave something that lasts beyond mortal life for the next generation to enjoy.

Your life matters. Are you living like it?

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