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I’m going commando…. and I’m calling YOU out!

Ok, before you freak out, not THAT kind of commando!  Commando is what happens in a cypher (circle where people freestyle) when someone is new and/or is nervous about freestyling by themselves.  Someone will go in the middle, do a simple move and approach someone standing in the circle, calling them out into the cypher to do the move with them.   What a relief for the one who may be petrified to step out in front of everyone.


I wish I would have known about this commando thing back when I was pushed into my first cypher.   It was on English Bay in Vancouver during the fireworks.   For those who have never been on English Bay for the fireworks, there are about 10,000 people there!   Needless to say, I was completely freaked out.  Not to mention the dancers I was with were amazing!   I think when I got to the centre, I just stood there for a moment and then did some lame move that somewhat resembled a bouncy-squat.


One of my next “first” cypher experiences was when I first moved to Calgary after taking a hip hop class at the university.  The instructor had us cypher at the end.   Somehow that day I felt a slight nudge of courage. Everyone was cheering loudly for those in the middle, which made my confidence grow with such a supportive group.  I strutted into the circle and resorted to some lame MC Hammer-type of move.  NO ONE cheered…. at least, I didn’t hear anyone.  I may have been so nervous, I couldn’t hear…. or I was seriously that pathetic….


When I was just starting out, I would have been thrilled to have someone show me the way and help me build confidence with “going commando”.  Whether you’re venturing into your first cypher, or stepping out into something that completely scares the snot out of you, its helpful if someone more skilled is there to bring you alongside to show the way, isn’t it?   How many more people would step out of bystander status in the circle, to full-on participant?!  How many who too often step out regardless but do so alone, would be able to push that much farther?!


It’s time for us to go commando.   It’s time for no one to be left behind.  It time to sift through the crowd to see who is standing there dying for someone to believe in them.    Call them out!  Show them they can do it!  Don’t worry if no one ever did that for you or not.  The time is now and you remember how it feels to be them.  Cyphers are only interesting when people go in!  Who wants to just watch people stand around?  Especially if we have the moves to make them get their groove going!


It’s also time, ladies, for us to put competition aside and learn how to cheer for one another, even better, promote one another selflessly.  Truly be happy when another succeeds! “To find out a woman’s character, praise her to her girlfriends”.  (Benjamin Franklin)  Enough nonsense.    God has given us ability to be able to lend dignity and strength to one another.   We have what it takes to see others flourish!


Today, I’m calling YOU out!   I’ll dance with you!

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