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Bboying: a movement that MOVED!

This week I have the honour of working with some of the greatest hip hop dancers in our city. It’s always a privilege to learn from their skill and knowledge about the history of where hip hop came from. Those who don’t know much about hip hop, know this: those in hip hop culture care a whole deal about where it came from…… and it didn’t start with 50 Cent.   If you haven’t heard the story, you’re in for a treat. It will move you in more ways than one.

Back in the 70’s, in the neighbourhoods of Brooklyn and the Bronx of New York City, poverty was rampant. Whenever there is poverty, there is corruption, greed, and a rise of other such abuses such as violence and drugs. But deep in the heart of that broken community, a movement was rising like wildfire with the youth. DJ Kool Herc started mixing the breaks done in funk music (aka instrumental sections). The kids starting dancing to these beats, instigating forms of top rock and floor moves. They weren’t learning a developed dance style in a studio – they were letting the music groove their body into movements that we study and battle over 30 years later.

Bboy or bgirl stands for “break boy” or “beat boy”, just in case you were wondering what on earth that means. (And it’s not called “breakdance”, it’s original name is “breakin” or “bboying”. When was the last time you said; “I’m going to go learn some ballet-dancing, or jazz-dancing?”) Kool Herc stated that Breakin is a street term that meant; “getting excited”, “acting energetically”, or “causing a disturbance”. One of the bboys in our city was explaining how floor moves came about. Apparently these African-American and Latino youth just started spazzing out on the floor! It was like spontaneous combustion! They would battle one another, always trying to top what the other was doing. Innovation at its finest! The intensity of the battle catapulted these young people into trying to come up with moves that would “one-up” the opponent. The limits of creativity were pushed. Thus floor moves such as the 6 step, CC’s, movements with hooks and slings were invented right there in the heart of a community that could have been overcome by hopelessness.

As our hip hop professionals spoke of the foundation from where hip hop came from, I was moved with what felt like fire in my belly for next generations coming up behind us. I reflected on the power young people possess when they rise above their circumstances, no matter how bleak, and decide to MOVE; when they break barriers in creativity and innovation….. the world stops to notice – and it is never the same. How were these young kids to know they would start a whole movement there in those humble streets? A movement that hasn’t died, but continues to grow and evolve, yet stay rooted. When you think about it, that is extraordinary!

I couldn’t help but wonder what God could do with a bunch of young people who choose to get HYPE for something that will last far beyond 30 to even 50 years. What would happen if they “got excited”, “acted energetically” and “caused a little disturbance” for the kingdom of God?! What if out of the most broken of circumstances, these youth could rise above all that strongly opposes them to reach new heights of kingdom innovation and creativity? What if racism, poverty, bullying, isolation, injustice or ultra-consumerism couldn’t hold them down or blind them? Inside the youth of today lies a new movement God desires to birth.

Before you think your time has past, just remember; the original breakers are still out there influencing continuing to push this movement forward, pouring into the young bboys and bgirls coming up. They’re still in the game! YOU are still in the game! We need seek out these young influencers, believe in them and develop them. They will either inherit our fears or our courage and innovation.  There has never been a time needed for kids to see US leading the way in this kind of kingdom adventure.

I believe its time to be the movement Jesus started. It’s time to act energetically, get excited and cause a little disturbance!

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  1. Priya
    August 22, 2011 at 3:23 pm

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    • Varsha
      August 22, 2011 at 3:25 pm

      Hey Varsha… Thanks for the link!! Someday looks like a great movie… BBoying and Salah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Anushri
    August 22, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Check out the new movie on BBoying featuring Salah… Someday!! http://www.facebook.com/SomedayTheFilm

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