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Life without Starbucks??

I love coffee.  I never used to.  It wasn’t until about two years ago  I thought I would muster the courage to acquire the taste for coffee.     It didn’t take me long before I was drinking my coffee black (I know, I’m hard core) and  loving the strong brew of Starbucks.


When my first son was born, I started off nice and easy with a mocha frapp as a treat…. every day.   I had a rough-go with my first, so each day this mocha frapp was my happy place.  That “happy place” was costing me $5 a day!…. and hubby wasn’t  thrilled.


I got into the pattern of hitting the Starbucks drive through every day, and soon my son caught on to this pattern.  So now I had my $5 coffee AND a treat for him.   Starbucks just got a $2 raise from the Jakab household.  Again, an upset hubby.


My habit got so deep that when speaking at a camp just outside Medicine Hat, I would drive 1 whole hour into Medicine Hat to visit Starbucks and then head 1 hour back to the camp.   You could say I was a little obsessed.


Then I met these two amazing dancers who rocked my Starbucks world.  These two dancers, missionaries with GX Canada and YWAM, were sharing how they don’t drink coffee because they can’t justify how much we North Americans spend on such frivolity. They had my attention.  I had never heard someone say anything like this before.   I started to ponder what would happen if I didn’t hit up my local Starbucks each day….


Where would my happy place go??!


Where would I possibly get my coffee??  You mean from the coffee pot at home?  Absurd!


What would I do for fun?


How could I possibly make it through the day if I counldn’t get the experience Starbucks was giving me?


What else could I possibly do if with my $5-$7 a day???!



Even though what they said challenged my present state of living and thinking, I was curious to see if I could, too, live this awkward lifestyle of avoiding the culture-buzz of  The Starbucks experience.


I gave it my best effort and lasted…… till dinner.   I just couldn’t do it.  I was hooked.   I began hearing from others who were doing fascinating things with their lives to passionately pursue Christ and live selflessly in our world to serve others.  These people also echoed my friend’s conviction to see other places they could invest their money that would best serve the Kingdom …… and that didn’t include Starbucks.


Each day for months, their words swirled around in my mind.  I’m embarrassed that it took me months just to wrap my head around WHY someone would do that??   All I knew is that something inside of me quickened.   There was clearly more to this life than just serving me my $5 coffee each day (that costs 50 cents or less to have a cup at home) AND teaching my son to serve his indulgences daily too.


Hard financial times hit my hubby and I and I was forced to for-go my daily Starbucks ritual.  It almost killed me.  My flesh was screaming!  It was used to being fed what it wanted, when it wanted, now it was being starved.


Watching my patterns I became sick of my SELF and my “wanting”.  In desperation I prayed a dangerous prayer to God: “Take away these desires for things that don’t matter and burn in my heart what it will take to advance Your kingdom”.


It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly a “missionary” heart began to rise up in me.  One day, I noticed I was seeing the world in a whole different light.  All of a sudden I saw the monstrosity of my own consumption and how useless over half of it was.  I saw how well my son was learning from my example.   I read about how 1 out of 3 people in the world live off of a dollar a day.  It made me sick to see how spoiled I live.  I got to hear about how many families struggle to eat in our rich city of Calgary, or how many families are bused from church to church night after night for a place to sleep.   Working families having no where to lay their head, wondering where they would get their next meal.


I thought about all the wonderful people I know out there, giving of their lives to help the poor and the orphan.  I thought of the dream of possibly adopting a child one day, or having enough money to be able to really help people.  I felt desperate, until my eyes were opened to all that I could do with the money I was investing into Starbucks!  All I had to do was invest my $5 a day into things of eternal value.  I actually HAD the money I said I didn’t!


Don’t get me wrong, I still head to Starbucks, but the last time I bought anything from there was over a month ago.  I now bring coffee from home with me to work, or wait till I get home.   For me to come to this place is quite the transformation.  I’m wondering if you’d join me on this radical quest of seeing where your $5 Starbucks coffee money could be invested?…… into things that last beyond this lifetime.


Think about it.

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