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To everything turn, turn…. the seasons of motherhood

Mothers are the most flexible people on the planet.   Our constants are always changing, causing us to “roll with the punches”.


From the baby sitting in one place into busy movement


From sleep to no sleep, back to sleep….. back to no sleep.


From the easy going child, to the teen who needs you


From calm to crisis


From crisis to calm


From high intensity to summer breaks


From survival mode to freedom


From being able to work and freedom to pursue dreams to sacrificing extra income and interests to be available


From a full house to an empty nest


From an empty nest to a young adult back home to save money


From a young adult needing some help to a college graduate


From diapers to the wedding day (it may seem that quick!)


From children to grandchildren





Nothing stays steady, but we ride the natural waves of seasons.   The key is to know what season you’re in, and rest in it.


Whatever season you’re finding yourself in, ITS OK.   We are our own worst critic.  In seasons of intensity and mere “survival” we turn up the pressure on ourselves to perform.   Thoughts of guilt for what we’re NOT doing plague our minds.  “I should be reading the Bible more”, “Where did my prayer life go?”, “I want to reach out to people but I can barely stay afloat at home!”  “When will hubby and I ever have time to kindle the love of our marriage?”…… the list goes on (and on)


You are capable of handling each season, friend.  For seasons when the Bible is collecting dust from not being able to nurse your babe and turn the pages, you may find your prayer life growing.  For times when you never get moments of peace, you may find moments of meditation between the noise.   You will find there are times you can freely give yourself to the needs of others, and short seasons where home needs to be attended to.


Give yourself PERMISSION to flourish in your season.  If you have a heart for God then you will continue to grow.  You’ll find yourself discovering NEW ways of expressing your devotion and pursuing growth.


The only danger is to wallow in guilt, giving room for apathy to spread through your soul. The, “if I can’t go big, I’ll go home” mentality.  Sometimes you can’t go big, but you CAN go something.  No matter what that something looks like, it counts.


And don’t forget, you loving on your family is worship.   You can gain the whole world and lose your soul…. and your family as well.


Live your season well.  In due time, another one will arrive.

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  1. June 17, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    So true! I love the line “Give yourself permission to flourish in the season you are in right now.” I think so often we just look at what we’re NOT doing instead of what God might be wanting to grow in us by limiting our choices. Love this. Asking myself what area I need to give myself permission to flourish in.

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