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You can draft behind me

Those who do long distance biking or triathlons know the benefits of drafting.   Basically, its when you bike close enough behind someone else that it seems to pull your bike, giving you a bit of a break as you draft behind.

I didn’t know this, but Lance Armstrong had a team of people working with him to win the Tour de France!  They would bike with him, and when needed, allow him to draft behind them, saving his energy for when he would again take the lead.

What a beautiful picture of selfless teamwork.  You don’t hear about his team.  I’m sure he mentions them, but I have only heard of “Lance Armstrong.”  Yet without his team, he wouldn’t have been as successful.

We all face seasons in our lives when we lose strength.  Wouldn’t it be nice at that point to “draft” behind someone who’s energy has been replenished until you’re ready to go again?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to allow someone to “draft” behind you when you have the stamina?

We could all sprint for the finish line alone.  Some would have no problem.  Others may pass out before getting there.  We COULD work that way, but it would be pretty lonely at the finish line…. there all alone because no one else could keep up.

But imagine we created a culture of “drafting”, where we don’t leave those who are weary behind.  Like a long distance bike ride, we allow others to ride on the tail of our strength till they can lead.   Can you picture the thrill of crossing the finish line TOGETHER and strong…..

No one left behind.

This has been burning on my heart as of late.  “Leave no one behind who doesn’t want to be left behind”.

It’s great to have dreams and ambitions, but if it leaves others faltering in the dust, you need to ask yourself, “Was it worth it?”

You can draft behind me, and sometime, I may need to draft behind you.

No matter who’s in front, I know one thing….. we’ll cross the finish line together.

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