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A week in their kitchen; confession from a big mouth

I mentioned handing out paper bags for donations at the C-Train station at the beginning of the week.   I have a confession I didn’t tell you about that day….

When handing out the bags, the most common response I would get was this: “No, I’m good thanks”.  I’m sure some may have thought I was selling something, but others with the same response heard me loud and clear; “It’s hunger awareness day, would you like to support the food bank?

“No, I’m good thanks”.

After a young adult girl, probably in her 20’s drinking her starbucks, gave me that same response, I couldn’t hold my tongue (which isn’t anything new for me).  Here’s my confession, ready?   I didn’t mean to say it but out it came; “Well YOU’RE ok…..”   I paused for a moment, wondering if I had truly just said it…. or thought it?  Nope, I said it.   I watched her look back at me and gesture to her friend what she thought of me at that moment.

Not long after, a nicely dressed guy stopped to say; “I want to donate.  Can I just give you $20?”.  I mentioned that wouldn’t be a good idea but that he could donate directly to the food bank.  He replied; “That’s WAY too much trouble, I’m not doing that.  Tell you what, I’m gonna head over to the mall and buy myself something real nice (seriously that’s what he said!) and maybe I’ll head over to the food bank after….”

I’m finding through this experience that most of us (myself first in line) have NO idea what needs lie beneath the surface in our city.   People with Starbucks cup after Starbucks cup passed by me with the same “No, I’m good thanks….”   When did this ever become about OUR well being?  While we live our cozy, well-to-do lives, there are those who need our help.

We ARE good, aren’t we?  We’re fine.  We’ve got our struggles, but in comparison, we’re so blessed.  We can afford a $5 drink on occasion.  We can decide what we want at the grocery store.   We go out to eat sometimes.

For some, things are even more dire.  I want to share a comment I received from yesterdays blog that left me speechless.

I work at the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. Last night around 7:30 p.m. someone ordered a two hamburger meal, large fries and a bottled water. She paid with one loonie, the rest were nickles, dimes and quarters. The back of her station wagon had blankets and a pillow in it. My first thought was “You can only go to the food bank if you have the means to store and cook the food. What do people whose only home is the back of their car do for food?”

What about those who have no fridge or stove?  What about the one living in their vehicle?  What about the kids who only get the brown bag lunch through their lunch program at school?   What about those who can barely afford rent?

Can we stop long enough to find empathy?

Can we reflect and allow compassion to rise?

Can we care enough to act?

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  1. Maria
    June 8, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Yeah…but some of those people don’t want our sympathy or even empathy or compassion….they only have one thought…survival….and they are doing it :0) We should applaud these people with their courage to sleep in their car…to get together their pennies and to keep on going despite our blind eyes that don’t see and don’t know how to help. We need to see the beauty that is the human spirit on both sides – those of us lost in our confusion about helping and those who just survive :0) Our humility truly is the gift we can give and trying not to judge

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