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I’m starving

Not from food – I got plenty of food.  My will power is starving.  My desires are starving.  My cravings for the food I want is starving.  My SELF is starving.

My son took a deep breath after I offered him his morning Captain Crunch and said, “Mommy, I’m tired of all this sugar.  Can I PLEASE have my apple juice and fruit?”   He’s had enough.  What could I say to that?  I can’t say “no, you can’t have your healthy food” to a 4 year old.  So today, I allowed my son to be finished his hamper experience.   I found that interesting that he was pleading for healthy food.   We had a good debrief about how some kids don’t get the privilege (yes, he gets its a privilege now) of eating wholesome, fresh foods and have the choice of which ones!

Hubby came home after work completely done as well.  After a 3 day headache and racing heart, he told me he couldn’t do this anymore.  He looked tired and awful.  His energy was zapped and he looked depleted.  So I’m the only one left on the program in the family.

I’m even starting to notice my energy getting lower as each day passes.  I’m sleepy, lethargic and drained.  I’m reaching for energy in granola bars and crackers that leave me hungry and craving more simple carbohydrates.  I’m drinking more coffee to hopefully get me through the slump.   It feels a bit like a rut.

*as mentioned in a previous blog, this is not because the food bank doesn’t do its best to give good food, but because of the foods we are not used to eating such as a lot of breads, crackers, dairy, wheat, etc

But I will endure till the end of the week because I’ve again reminded myself why this is important:

  • it’s not about ME
  • I believe our spoiled North American culture may need a wake up call to the needs that are next door, not just over in other countries.
  • I need to “get it”.  I need to understand why the food bank is crucial to people.
  • I need to understand how blessed I am.  Instead of just being aware of my blessings, I need to use the resources I’ve been given to help those who don’t live in the same reality
  • I need to FEEL what others feel.
  • I really need to spend a “week in their kitchen” so I can carry that bit more of awareness in my life so I’m not so quick to judge or come to my own conclusions
  • I need to remember every time I drop a healthy item in the food bank box at Superstore, that it matters and makes a difference.

It’s been worth the conversations and dialog created among my friends and those I connect with on social media.  So many comments have been made about how they feel they’ve learned from our journey!  That awareness makes it all worth it.

Hunger is an issue even in our rich nation and city.  Thanks to the food bank, no one goes hungry.  If they didn’t exist, what those in need would do?…..

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  1. Charlene Z
    June 4, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Praying for you Connie – you are on the home stretch! I KNOW God is working through you and your family as you have taken this on…

  2. Maria
    June 8, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    and imagine the shame of not only feeding this food to your family but having to feed this food to your family. I think that is the point that is larger than the sucky food.

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