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I’m done with coffee

I’m done with coffee.   Ok, lets not go that far, but I’m done with the normal life of playdates, meeting for coffee, shopping at the cute baby boutiques… you know, the same old.

Whoa, before you think I won’t get together for coffee with you, let me explain.  Day after day, week after week I find myself doing the exact same things.   And they all seem to revolve around… me.   Either my pleasure or to entertain my kids.   There’s nothing wrong sharing a nice cup of coffee with good friends or doing something that the kiddies will enjoy, but I feel the hypnotizing lure of comfy suburban culture constantly trying to pull me in to its bubble, blinding my eyes to the real world around me.

I was telling a friend on the phone today, “I’m tired of talking and strategizing about reaching people.  I JUST WANT TO REACH PEOPLE”.  But like many, I wonder, “How?”.  How do I even see the needs around me when brokenness is covered by beautiful white-picket fences and well groomed yards?

Just the other day while driving in one such suburban area, I was reminded that the high school in this community is known for its problem with drugs among its students.   But to look around the area, you would NEVER picture teens struggling with drugs!  But the problem is there, nonetheless.  And behind every teen struggling with drugs are parents with brokenness.  Who will be a help and a support to them?   Or better, who has TIME to even see their need, let alone help.

Reaching out to people takes some strategy, yes, but I’m starting to believe more that its about a decision to action.  To decide to at least START and learn along the way.  A lack of starting means I may never start.  To make a conscious decision each day that my life isn’t just about me.   I need to free my time up from meaningless activity, and see where I can serve.  I need to be able to SEE without pleasure and my own greed blinding me.  I need to stop spending money on meaningless things and see where I can give.

I’ve struggled for a few years wondering where my place is.  We’re told to dream big and so unless an idea appears “big enough”, we lay dormant for fear of our idea being insignificant.  My pastor challenged us last Sunday saying; “Stop looking for the 1000’s and serve the 1.”   Imagine I did that?  Imagine we did that together?!  That’s a whole lot of 1’s!

This phrase has echoed through my mind all this week:

what’s in your hand and what do you see?

One of the greatest tragedies of our time is the belief that what we have in our hand isn’t “good enough” or big enough.  You have something in your hand that society needs.  That something in your hand was deposited to you by your Heavenly Father with a task in mind.   Don’t de-value who you are and what you have.

Now friend, look around….. what do you see?  Are you hungry for a life that’s beyond yourself?

On your mark, get set…. START.

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  1. May 27, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Once again you have stirred my spirit Connie. I’m going to look for more opportunities to serve the 1 and choose not to believe the lie that I am a failure for not reaching the 1000’s.

    I want to be less self-focused, more sacrificial. I want to see clearly what is in my hands so I can clearly see how that fits what I see.

    Great post.

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