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What would it look like to really feel free?   What would it be like to BE free?

Yesterday we discovered the story of Krump.   I need to continue that story one more day.  There is a revolutionary truth that could make all the difference in our lives if our hearts are open.

The original krumpers expressed why they dance this style: “because we are oppressed”, they said.   They had suffered through years of black inequality in America and were still being treated as such, even though efforts through great men such as Martin Luther King had helped abolish such lines in society.

They knew they were free, yet because they were treated differently, it caused them to live a new kind of slavery: a life of addiction, drug dealing and acts of violence.  The very gangster/ bling, image we see in some hip hop culture is a sub-culture created by  people trying to express their freedom, but now a slave to all they rap about. (money, sex, “I’m on top”, “gonna get mine”, drugs, etc).  They forgot they were free.

Why would those who were free turn to this?

Did this choice of lifestyle honor all that Martin Luther King and others paid in order to see freedom be theirs?

Wasn’t their opportunity the same as any other Amercian, even though some individuals still oppressed them?

What a crazy thing, to live like a slave when freedom is given.   How sad to take such a great gift given, only to waste it by turning to a life of addiction.

I know you may be thinking, “What do you know Connie, about the realities of racism and oppression of the blacks in the US?”    You’re right, I don’t know.  But I DO know that somewhere, sometime,  a law was passed that they are FREE.   Free to be all they can by the freedom of human rights.  Free to be treated as equals.  It’s written.  It’s done.   Even when individuals act otherwise, the higher authority has said it.  It’s final.  Now the rest is up to them.

So along comes Tommy who hits a wall in a lonely jail cell, realizing that the life of drug dealing isn’t giving him the freedom his country has offered him.  He decides to truly LIVE free by making the difference in his community.   It doesn’t go without opposition and whites who mock him.

But he knows something they don’t want him to know: He’s free…. whether they want him to be or not.

How many of us, in the same way, ARE free but live like we’re still a slave.   Jesus paid a high price.  It’s done.  Final.  Nothing can reverse it.  No one can steal it.  Yes, there is opposition and circumstances that would love to spiral our lives downward far from this truth, but it stands: we’re free.

YOU are free, whether anyone else wants you to be or not.

Imagine we lived it?  What would that look like?

I’ll tell you something: those who know they’re free rise up to change their culture.  Just like Tommy.  Only a free man can do that.  But The Opposer would like nothing more than for you to remain like a hamster on a wheel.    I’m here to nicely nudge you to get off the wheel. (what I’d like to do is shove you off the wheel, but that may come across too strong….)

The word “Christian” means “anointed ones”, or “little Jesus’s”.   Just as Jesus was anointed to proclaim freedom for prisoners (not convicts but those under yokes of oppression), we are called to do the same.  Kinda hard to do if WE’RE still in prison isn’t it?

So friends, LIVE FREE, you ARE free.   Once you know that, you’re ready live it and make a new mark on culture.

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of *slavery on you. (Galatians 5:1)

*slavery to sin

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