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The gift I took for granted

Ok, so I’ll start this blog by saying that my opening “story” is true, unlike yesterdays (haha).  However, for you left-brain types, this is more of an analogy. (don’t worry, I’ll explain it sequentially after…)

When I was young I was given a gift.  I was 8 years old at a camp when this gift appeared before me.   I was thrilled to receive this gift, like any child would be!   I remember hugging my new gift in my bunk bed amidst the sound of snoring girls around me.  I was sure I would never let it go.

But like any gift I had received, this one ended up on the shelf along with others I lost interest in.   Years went by till this gift appeared wrapped in front of me again.  I mean, it had appeared again on many occasions, but I didn’t see it.  I was preoccupied with all the other cool things I wanted my parents to buy me!   Whatever the newest toy was, I wanted it.  Now I was in grade 8 and for some reason, this gift caught my eye again.  I was filled once again with adoration for the gift I had forgotten.  I determined in my heart that I would not let go of it this time.

Well, it didn’t take long for this gift to find it’s way back onto my shelf due to my new found obsession with popularity.  I would hide the gift when friends would come over because it seemed “childish”.  Soon it even got pushed off the shelf to be replaced with pictures of friends, and the achievements I had worked hard for.

I don’t know how this gift did it, but it found its way back to me by grade 11 and this time it won my heart for good.   I have held on to this gift to this day.

Although, even though I haven’t put this gift back on the shelf I have often felt at times I’ve had to “earn” it.  How ridiculous!  This gift has been offered to me my whole life as a GIFT and NOW I feel like I have to “perform” in order to keep it??

Can you guess what the gift is?  It’s the gift of life through Christ.  It can’t be earned, it’s a free gift given by God.

Perhaps you’ve had some similar experiences as I have with God’s free gift?   As a child, I heard about what Jesus did for me and accepted Him instantly with excitement, only to forget about Him.  I was a spoiled child.  God was just another “something” to add to my…. pile.   When I was a teen I encountered Him again, this time with more understanding, but desire for acceptance, popularity and what looked good, took His place.  You don’t need to be a teen to experience this.  Many of us adults are mesmerized by money, popularity and stuff.

Through all these years, I haven’t let go of God, but I have gone through many seasons of feeling the need to earn what He gives me freely without cost.   I’ve been through times where I’ve left Him for moments to search for meaning outside of Him… and always have come out empty.

No different than my son who is excited about a new toy for a day, I can take this free gift God gives me for granted.   I’ve exhausted my efforts to show God how worthy I am and then shrink away from Him when I fail.   Yesterday’s blog talks about that in length.

Can you see His gift being offered to you throughout the course of your life so far?   What has your response been?   Are you distracted from seeing it?

Is it hard for you to accept His love as a free gift?  Have you felt the need to “earn” God’s acceptance?

God will always be there knocking at the door of your heart.   Sometimes it will be obvious, other times subtle.  I wonder if you’ll notice?   Will you accept, or search for life in meaningless things?  Will you receive Him, or invest in efforts that return void?

What will you do with His gift?

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