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Here’s another secret I’ll share…. Giving Permission

I’ve got a secret for you: I wiggle my toes when I’m nervous, which just happens to be every time I’m in front of a crowd.   I “look” like I’m comfortable, but the truth is, some days I just would love to remain inconspicuous.  The toe wiggle gets my mind off my jitters and onto other things… like how uncomfortable my shoes are (as my toes wiggle)…

I often wonder how many others are just as nervous as me?   I wonder how many shy away from the things they long to do because of fear or intimidation?

I was listening to an interview with Matthew Barnett today, and he said something  wonderful: “Everyone has something in their hand to give.  What you have in your hand has value and is a worthy contribution.   Don’t shy away from it”.

I attend the most amazing church where the motto is; “permission granted” (within reason of course).  This welcomes an entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking.  But what really makes this happen is a “permission granted spirit” in the hearts of the people.   This means those who lead, can also follow.  This means that those who lead can cheer on other leaders.  This means that there is enough “success to go around” (like my friend Heather Cyr said to me the other day).  This means you can try and fail, and its ok.

When Jesus visited his hometown, they weren’t as accepting as other places he visited.  That’s odd isn’t it?  You think he’d get an “american idol” welcome – like when the idols get to visit their hometown, welcomed with fanfare!  But, this was not the case with Him.  Why?  Because he was common to them.  He was one of them.  He was “Joseph’s son”.   Wasn’t He just a carpenter? What was He doing traveling around healing the sick and more?  What was he trying to prove anyways?….

Ever felt like Jesus, trying to minister in the realm of the familiar? With people who know you… and all your weaknesses?  We may be more “petastool” oriented than we like to admit if we’re offended when someone “normal” gets passionate.

The best thing we can do for each other, friends, is cheer one another on.  To grant each other permission to be different, unique and to step out in the passions we have.   Imagine we didn’t feel threatened by one another?  Especially those passionate about causes very similar to ours?  Imagine we really believed that there is enough success for everyone?   Just think of all who could be impacted if everyone felt “permission” to move forward?

We are revolutionary.  This means we must live revolutionary and join hands with others who are doing the same.   We carry influence in our grasp that can enhance others around us.

Let’s be “permission granting” people who don’t withhold support.  You never know what otheres are struggling with.  You never know if all they need is YOU to give them the final boost of confidence they needed to make the move forward.

Acceptance fuels influence (Andy Stanley)

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