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Momma’s getting screen time: the lost art of “family time”

We were driving home from an errand to get our dogs to head out to the dog park when my son asked me: “How long will it be till we leave the house?”    I replied, “Oh not long, I just need to change”.    Ben then states; “Good.  I hope you don’t go on the computer, then it will take FOREVER.  You ALWAYS go on the computer”.   ouch.

Our laptop is always open.  However, its no longer mobile due to having a second keyboard hooked up due to the laptop keyboard’s malfunction.   So the laptop is stuck in one spot: up on the kitchen counter.

Everything I do is done on the computer.   Network, write, shop, look for deals, read, find information…… you could say my LIFE is on the computer!!  And what momma doesn’t love social media for a moment of escape to the outside world.

Yet I’ll never forget what my friend Wendy said to me one day in regards to time spent on the computer; “I don’t want my kids growing up seeing only the back of my head”…… That has echoed in my heart ever since.   Not in condemnation, but conviction.  When my son made his comment, I realized that the time I spend on the computer is noticed.

So I’m about to try something that’s going to take some self discipline.    Momma’s gonna have limited “screen time”.   Mornings when I love to catch up on facebook, twitter and read my favorite blogs.   Evenings after the boys are in bed to write my blog and any other extras.  In between, the laptop will be closed.

Another friend mentioned to me once how her family has “screenless days” where on one day of the week, nothing is done with a screen: no computer, TV, video games, etc.  It’s dedicated to family.  What a great idea!

I want as much quality time with my family as I can.  I want to guard and treasure it.  It deserves to be protected.  Time slips away quickly.  Sooner than I think, I’ll be chatting with my boys about their own “screen time”.  What I model, they will follow.  If I live behind a screen, so will they.

Well here we go.  Screen time for me ends now.

Our children’s children will know more about us by our Internet foot print than another generation’s “Kodak moments.” – Spencer Burke

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  1. May 12, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Such a great post Connie! I have been struggling with the same thing. As you said, everything I do is on the computer but my kids don’t see the distinction of – now Mommy is organizing her small group, now Mommy is checking her email, now Mommy is doing some writing, now Mommy is paying bills. It just all looks the same. I don’t want them to just see the back of my head either!

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