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Don’t be caught in your PJ’s…

Who doesn’t like a PJ day, right?  You know when it’s snowy or rainy, it’s tempting to laze around in the PJ’s all day.  My son is the same, except his “PJ’s” are his underwear….

Instead of staying in his underwear like he would prefer, sometimes I just need him to eat, get dressed, brush his teeth and get out the door because we have to be somewhere.   I need him to be prepared for all we need to do for the day.   If we’re doing something that excites him, he will happily speed up the process, but if it’s groceries or some other daunting task, that’s a different story….

I’ve threatened more than once to have to carry him out to the van in his undies if he wasn’t ready. (hoping that he wouldn’t take me  up on that!)

However, I came to the sobering reality the other day that I’m no different.   I will wait until the last possible moment to get ready to head out.  So you can only imagine between my son and I what our scenario looks like 5 minutes before we’re supposed to be leaving….

Yesterday I was driving home and heard a sentence go through my mind:  “Tell my girls, ‘Don’t get caught in your PJ’s’”.  Hmmmm…. well that was very RANDOM, considering I was thinking about lunch.  Yet I understood what it meant immediately for you and I.

God is calling his women (and men too of course!) to be ready.   To prepare and be ready, because when He says GO, you don’t want to be stuck still in your PJ’s drinking your coffee saying, “Wait!!   I’m getting dressed, just give me a minute”.   No, God wants us to be active so when He desires to release us more into our dreams, we’re ready.

The world is FULL of need.   God never said “wait” when it comes to meeting needs around you.   He’s given us abilities to help.  The last thing He wants us to do is “save it for later” – for when what we believe is REAL ministry, appears.  No, how foolish and deceptive that mindset is.  God waits for certain moments to release us further into dreams we have for Him, but immediate needs in front of us is no waiting matter.

“I will worship while I’m waiting, I will serve you while I’m waiting” (While I’m Waiting, John Waller)

One of the ways to be out of our “PJ’s” is to be serving.   Take em’ off and meet some needs.    Then the Father will know you are one who can be trusted.

Don’t know where to start?  Let’s chat!  I’d love to help you!

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  1. stephanie
    May 9, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Wow, how convicting Connie. As I read this, I am sitting in my pj’s drinking a coffee. Time to get moving. Thanks!

  2. Jennifer
    May 10, 2011 at 6:41 am

    Ouch. Definitely convicting. Loving your blog; I read it often, and it always speaks to me.

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