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The story that has rocked my world this week

I heard a beautiful true story this week about a struggling family who had barely anything.   The mom had been told that their church was going to be raising money to help a family in need, so she and her kids took it on as a family project.  They scrimped and saved the very little extra they had, then cheerfully gave their contribution to the church project.  Little did they know that THEY were the family in need the church was giving to!


What a beautiful picture of complete selflessness.  There’s a family that wasn’t wallowing in self pity or “lack”.  They didn’t make excuses of why they couldn’t help.  They may not have had much to give, but they cheerfully gave what they could, not concerned about their own wants.


I was so moved by this true story.   I went home to my small house that I often complain is too small, looked around and stood in thankfulness.   What made me think my house was too small?  Comparisons in my mind of where society says I “should” be living.   Culture tries to convince me I need to live in a big home with a bedroom for each of my children to have for their own.  I need the newest, biggest TV, gadgets and toys.  And how do I possibly attain all that the “Jones’s” tell me I should have?  CREDIT of course!   I may be thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt, but man, you should see my baby’s exersaucer!   It’s out of this world!


Oh ya baby, I got it all… maybe no savings or RESP’s for my kids, but I got an amazing house in the perfect neighborhood!   Off I go in my sweet ride to church where they speak about tithing during the announcements.  I think that’s my cue to get a coffee.  How on earth am I supposed to be able to afford to give to people?!!  Do you know what my car payment is???  Fine, I’ll drop a ten in the offering plate and hope next Sunday they don’t mention something that ridiculous again…


Hmmm….. wow.  Considering that 1 in every 3 people on the planet live on less than $1 a DAY, you could rightly say this mentality isn’t reality.  It’s a serious bubble.   Am I too bold to say that it shows the true condition of our shallow hearts?


Reminds me of the story Jesus told of the poor widow who gave literally just pennies.   A rich, religious leader looked at her and scoffed as he made his great giving known for all to see.  His heart was no more interested in giving than the hearts filled with self we see in our day.   But even today in the midst of consumermania, there are “widows” that break through the cultural norm to give glimmers of inspiration.


Recently, every day I have been coming into contact with average moms who are tired of all this.  Their stories of looking past themselves and making a difference in their worlds has made my heart almost leap out of my body.   I WANT IN!  That’s the life I wanna live.   Enough with the bubble.  One of these people I just found out about today.  She’s worth looking up on facebook, twitter and youtube.  Her name is Shayne Moore, author of “Global Soccer Mom”.  Check her story out and, if you dare, allow it to move your soul.  (http://www.globalsoccermom.com)

“You are an answer, not a problem.  You must believe God has set you on earth as an answer”  (Lisa Bevere, Nurture)


What solution can you and I bring to our world?   What light can you bring to those who live next to you?

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  1. May 5, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Great thoughts Connie. Absolutely love the story you shared. So inspiring.

  2. Wendy Nilsen
    May 5, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    LOVE this post!! I am going to sit down & look at that message you sent me about her this afternoon (sorry, we’ve got some sickies around here, so it’s been late on getting back to emails).

  1. July 22, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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