The Bride

I remember my wedding day.  June 25, ooops I mean 26th, 1999.   Ok, how LAME am I.  I had to just ask my husband if our anniversary is the 25th or 26th AND I had to ask him the year.   I thought only men forgot anniversaries…..

But I DO remember what the day was like.   It was an overcast day in Vancouver (Surprise!!).   I was in my “dried flowers” phase and so everything was dried roses.   As you can very well guess, I have nothing 12 years later to show for it.  I’m sure we left a trail of rose crumblings on the #1 highway on route to Calgary.

I was blessed to have my dad walk me down the isle to my handsome bridegroom waiting for me at the end of the isle.   But no one was looking at him. (Shame.  He looked good)  All eyes were on the bride.   Now all I had to do is trip…    Don’t worry, I didn’t.  I made it to the end of the isle and even up and down the stairs.   It was a beautiful wedding.  Reuben and I both sang songs we wrote for each other as a part of our wedding vows.

I think my favorite part of a wedding (other than the dance) is seeing the bride come down the isle.  She always looks beautifully radiant!   I often wish I could re-live my wedding so I could wear the up-to-date dresses they have today!  So much better than my POOF.

Girls dream for years about their wedding day.   Somewhere stashed in the single gal’s closet is some sort of wedding magazine.  Guys, a word of advice right now: DON’T have an opinion about what you want for your wedding.   Your woman’s got your whole wedding planned – and it was already done 10 years ago.  But that’s the thing, guys don’t sit around chatting to each other about their future weddings over tea.  They don’t have secret stashes of wedding magazines under their bed (or maybe they do?…)   They don’t think about the wedding DAY…. enough said.

But imagine the bride wasn’t ready….  Imagine a bride frantically trying to find a wedding dress store open the eve of her wedding?   Imagine trying to find a venue for the wedding the day before?  And what about food?!    It wouldn’t happen.  The wedding day would come and there would be no wedding, only a very disappointed couple.

It seems crazy to not be prepared for a wedding, yet we have no problem not being ready for the ultimate wedding day: when Christ comes to meet His Bride, the church.

God has been dreaming about His “Bride” from the beginning of time.   I got some of you confused.  Yes, God has a “Bride”.   Now before we get all sorts of wacky thoughts about that, let me explain.

God calls His church His “Bride”.   That means each person who follows after Christ is His “Bride”.  I don’t find that so strange, but I really don’t know how men process that…

This “Bride” doesn’t imply anything sexual, but it speaks of intimacy, friendship, close relationship.  God dreams of the day when we, who walked with Him daily, will be with Him forever.  Just like any man here on earth, He waits for a Bride that will love Him.   He longs for the Bride who will be faithful to Him till “death do us part”.   He envisions a Bride adorned in purity and innocence, not tainted by cruelty and selfishness.  And just like a man wants a life-mate who shares common interests, God is no different.  He searches the earth for people who are like-minded with the things on His heart.

My greatest advice to single girls waiting to meet the man of her dreams is this; “BE the kind of person you want to attract”.  In other words, if you’re promiscuous, greedy, selfish, or materialistic…. expect something of the same sort in those attracted to you.   This same applies to God.  He is looking for a people who are pure in heart, loving, full of humility and those who care about the things He cares about.

One day, Christ is coming back for His Bride.  We don’t know what day.  We don’t know what time.   But when He comes, some will be ready, some won’t.

My advice echoes again: BE the kind of person God wants to come back for.  Be ready, don’t procrastinate.   Make this life count, for “what you do in life, echoes in eternity” (Gladiator)

  1. April 21, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Hi I just read this to Martha — and she asked is that Connie? Martha said – “THAT IS GOOD, THANK YOU LORD, THANK YOU LORD” Love Mom and Dad Jakab

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