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the crevice

I was sharing a couple of weeks ago with a friend about what “ministry” looked like to me when I was a teen.  When I was in grade 11,  I felt what some others have experienced in their life: I felt called to “ministry”.   It was reinforced over and over again by the preacher at the front pointing me out with his pointy finger: “YOU are called”.  So what does one who is “called” do?   They go to Bible College.  And what does one who is “called” with a Bible College degree do?  They make their way into a ministry position in a church, or look for one.

I was fortunate to find a pastoral job right out of Bible College.  I was in full time “ministry” for 7 years.     The last 6 years of not being in a “ministry” position,  God has been rocking my world of what “ministry” really is.   Is it only for those who the man of God points at from the pulpit saying “YOU are called”.    My first reaction to that now is; “No kidding.  Aren’t we all?”

Thankfully, those days are gone and a new generation has come who share the view that ministry is not a position.   Being “called” is not reserved for those on payroll at a church.  Yet even in my progressive thinking, its taken me awhile to break out of that old mindset.

In this crevice between the old mindset and the missional call that embraces everyone, there are a lot of unknowns.  There is no box.  There is no definition.   There is no boundary.  There is no “position”.   It’s not concrete, it’s pliable.  It morphs, it smudges lines that try to define it.  It cannot be contained.   It has no limit.

I’m not sure if you’re in the crevice with me.  If you are, stop trying to define your call or your ministry.  It’s just going to frustrate the snot out of you.

Whether you relate with my re-defining what “ministry” looks like or whether you’re just interested in doing something more with your life than sit around and watch Glee, the question that lies before us all is:

HOW?  How do we live mission-ally?

I don’t know the answer to that completely yet.  I’m on the journey.  What I DO know is:  Start where you ARE, not where you think you should or want to be.   Who surrounds you?  What needs do you see?   Who has God placed in your life?  How can you be a blessing or give hope to the situations that surround you close to home?

Today’s blog is simple.  It’s a call to act.  I’m wondering where my missional mommas at?  Are YOU interested?  If you are, I want to know!  I want to start a journey with you of HOW this looks.   I want this to go beyond thinking, “what a great idea” to actually participating.   Send me an email.  Message me on facebook.  Comment on this blog and let’s start.   Let’s encourage each other and journey together.   It’s time.

It’s time for us to change our focus from being women made by the culture, to being women who MAKE CULTURE.

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  1. Ro
    April 15, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    Enjoyed your post.

    Missional expressions on one hand may look no different than a conventional church/ministry role. On the other hand it’s foundationally postured in a completely different way.

    If we build on the concept that God is continually reaching into the history of humanity to usher in his dream of putting the world to rights–rescuing, redeeming, reclaiming–then it’s easy to find a place where we can slot in.

    Usually it’s the places we’re already connected. Dance club, music jams, etc. Incarnating the gospel in the places where God’s already at work is both easy, but also really hard……why? Cause usually we have to deal with people on a level that goes beyond superficialities.

    We’ve dropped ‘ministry’ cause isn’t life a ministry? There’s no dichotomy between ‘regular’ life and ‘ministry’ or ‘outreach’ or even ‘calling’.

  2. April 19, 2011 at 1:11 am

    I’m in!

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