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It’s time to be an ezer

You’re an ezer.  A what?  An ezer.  Well, that is if you’re a woman reading this.   Ezer is the hebrew word used for “helper” mentioned in Genesis 2:18.   Helen Lee mentions author, Carolyn Custis’s explanation of what this hebrew word means.


“Ezer: a powerful hebrew military word that implies being a warrior.


So ladies, you’re a warrior.  Now before you all pull out your Xena outfit, lets find out what kind of “warrior” we really are.  I’ve heard this a ton of times, but never really understood it until I read The Missional Mom by Helen Lee.


First, can I just note that if we ever felt that title, “helper or helpmate” given to us in Genesis felt weak or needy, hopefully EZER brings out a more preferable tone of what that means.


You don’t have to tell us women to fight.   Some of today’s greatest diva’s have described us as:

Fighers – Christina

Survivors – Beyonce

Worthy of respect – Aretha


But do we ladies know how to use all this EZER?  Do we know what to do with the warrior inside?  Not really.   There’s got to be a deeper cry that rises up other than “CHARGE IT!!”


Let me channel the fighter in you in a better direction.   Let me call out the survivor in you for a more deeper meaning.   Let me ask you to use your ezer to become….. a culture maker.


When I read the words “culture-maker” in Helen Lee’s book, I got goosebumps.   We’re always trying so hard to be relevant and adopt today’s culture as common ground to reach out (which I agree with).  However, what if we could change culture?  What if we could impact society enough, that the not-so-desired socially acceptable standards were  replaced with a new standard that we, the warriors, stand for?


What if we weren’t afraid to engage in the world around us?  What if we stopped striving for our dream home or a higher net worth?  What if we loosened the grip of our material possessions so we could actually see the needs in the people who surround us?  What would happen if we took action and DID it, instead of just thinking about it?


“God has strong words for His people when they spend too much effort building their own households at the expense of His house”. (Helen Lee)


It’s time for us to change our focus from warriors made by the culture, to being warriors who MAKE CULTURE.  A different culture.  One that goes against the flow.  One that stands for what is good, pure, and true.  One that stands for those who have nothing.


And who are we battling in this cause with?   According to Genesis, its our man we’re fighting beside, not against (you may want to read that sentence again).   And our kids are not exempt from the fight.


As a warrior, God has formed us to fight for, and with our families, to bring about the change God wants to see in the world around us.


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  1. Maria
    April 15, 2011 at 1:28 am

    At least you aren’t a geezer! LIKE ME

  2. Maria
    April 15, 2011 at 1:28 am

    At least you aren’t a geezer! LIKE ME. hahahaha

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