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a different perspective on motherhood

I just finished reading an amazing book, which I totally recommend.  It’s called; “The Missional Mom” by Helen Lee.   Even if you’re not a mom, it’s a great read for any woman.  It challenged me, it encouraged me, and it made me think about my current lifestyle.


I’d like to take this week of blogs to highlight some great finds I found in the book.  I don’t want to “give away” the book, as it is worth buying!  (I got mine off amazon.ca)   But perhaps to wet your appetite,  I’d love to mention some things that really stood out to me.


Helen Lee talks about our primary calling as followers of Christ: to be with God, not just do things for Him.   What we “do” for Him flows out of the relationship.   Many of the gals I talk to get this, but the next part is what may cause you to think.   This primary call doesn’t change once we get married and have kids.   Yet its very easy as moms for us to become consumed with our family, forgetting what we were created for.


This sentence is written in the book, and I’ve personally heard mothers say this: “Motherhood is my highest calling”.    But as Helen Lee states: “When a secondary call displaces the primary one, the confusion begins”.


What’s a “Secondary Call”?

Pastor, doctor, teacher, writer,…. mother.  “They are ‘callings’ rather than THE calling”.  What’s THE calling?  To love God, to be His missionary, reach out to a lost world.  To go and make disciples…


What the author is NOT saying is that we leave our family to run off with ambitions.   But what she IS saying is that we need not forget why we’re here on the earth!   I love how she describes the home: as “missional outposts” – where the whole family’s aim is to love God and live missionally for Him.   I love that.


Today, we LIVE for our kids, and it almost sickens me.  I mean in regards to how much we make our world revolve around their every WANT (not need – that we need to do!), to be sure they are happy.  And what do we get?  Spoiled kids.   My son, Ben, is showing signs of this already.   It doesn’t take much for our kids to realize that mommy will bend over backwards for them.


This is not the kind of parent I wish to be.  I want my sons to be well taken care of and given the best opportunities they can have, but I don’t want that at the expense of what our lives are to be about.  I want us as a family to not give into the extreme consumerism our society swims in.  Instead, I want us to work out our primary calling together.   I see Reuben and I as examples to our kids.  We are the ones to model the way.   If I’m a sucker for the consumer mentality, then so will they.  But if I’m passionate to live out God’s call and allow them to be involved in living it out, then they will more than likely keep that mindset.


Have you ever thought about this?   How can this look in your home?  How can your home become a “missional outpost”?  What do you need to “give up” in order to keep consumerism at bay?  What can you do as a family to make a difference in our lost world?


“When you see your home as a missional outpost, your role as a mother becomes clearer; to prepare and release the people inside for a lifetime of participating in God’s mission into the world.” (Helen Lee, The Missional Mom)


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  1. April 12, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Martha says – very good and going in the right direction — good for you- and God bless! mom and dad Jakab

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