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moved enough to act

Sin:   “Sin is what diminishes the humanity of another person and of the self.” – Tony Campolo


I know, that’s heavy for the blog intro, isn’t it?  Before you leave, let me explain.


If “sin” means diminishing the humanity of another person then human trafficking is sin.   Corrupt leadership that creates poverty is sin.  Abuse is sin.   I know what you’re thinking; “Duh?!”


How about this one: Bullying is sin.   Just watching is sin.  AND apparently, based on the above definition; remaining the victim is sin (choosing to diminish your own humanity by not getting help)


Here’s the deal.  I’m done with weak Christianity.   Don’t sign me up for a faith that doesn’t cost me anything; including my convenience.   We have major problems in our culture with a downward spiral of humanity, bullying just being one of them.


What are we going to do about it?  Think about it?  Pray about it?  Watch?  Judge?


Or are we going to do what Christ calls us to do: take action.  To speak for those who can’t.  To reach out to help the orphan and the widow, the weak and poor.   These people-groups aren’t just over in third world countries; they walk right in front of you on a daily basis.  The question is: can you see past the North American facade?


I’m done with talking about how to make “church” relevant.  I’m the church, the only image of Jesus that some may ever come in contact with.  Do I love people the way He does or not?  Will I answer His call to reach them or not?




Is this a convenient time for me?  No.   I’m working, I’m tired, my 6 month old baby doesn’t sleep through the night….. but there’s the need right in front of my face.  I can’t do everything, but I can do something.  The Bully Project is my small contribution.  It’s God’s expression through me to say to broken humanity that He’s still in business to restore.


Culture no longer blushes about sin & churches no longer weep about it. – Rick Warren


When was the last time we were moved with compassion?  I don’t mean for that to be a question that brings guilt, but to really look within and evaluate.  Will we be the “church” who just accepts society the way it is, or will we feel the way Jesus feels?  Will we act the way He would act?  And if we responded accordingly, what difference could be made?


In the words of one of my favorite songs by Sidewalk Prophets:

When did love become unmoving?

When did love become unconsuming?

Forgetting what the world has told me

Father above you can have me…… you can have me.


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