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I’m not a cook.  And I’m a lazy baker.  Come on over!  I’ll microwave a wonderful frozen dinner for you.  Dessert?  Where’s the box brownie mix!?


When I first started on my weight loss journey, my diet was made up of protein shakes, protein bars and popcorn.  With all the studies that have been released in the last 12 years on processed foods and what they are doing to our bodies, I can’t help but wonder if I missed a couple years of vital health?!


When you want to lose weight, its SO tempting to go with whatever will get you there the fastest.  You name the diet, I’ve tried it.  You name the diet book, I probably have it.    Now with the updated knowledge on processed foods, I can’t believe how many diets endorse them!   When I was on Jenny Craig, that’s all I ate: processed, frozen meals!


Without any fancy words, simply put, processed foods aren’t “real”.   Ok, maybe SOME aspects of the food is real, but if you look on the list of ingredients, there’s a whole lotta chemicals.


Can you imagine taking a chemical from the periodic table and pouring it down your throat?  There’s no way, right?  Even though these chemicals are edible and won’t kill us, but they’re starting to prove that these foods are having long-term consequences.  One being hormonal issues in women that hinder weight loss….


So why do we eat these things then??  Well…

  • convenience
  • they make these chemicals taste yummy!!
  • they’ve become “staple” items!  what else is there to snack on?….
  • marketing tells us it’s healthy.  (My personal favorite: Fruit Loops with FIBRE!)


This goes beyond fast food, which we all know is rotten for you.   This stems into those “healthy” crackers or granola bars and all the other things we were fooled into thinking were healthy….


Once you take processed foods out of your diet and eat the foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, something happens inside your body:


  • it can fight free radicals that seek to destroy all the “good” stuff in your body
  • more energy!
  • alertness, because now your brain has the food its been dying for!
  • your heart can pump healthy blood effectively (which we all know is pretty key, because as soon as that stops, so do you)
  • your digestive system (the body’s ability to get rid of the crap…. I guess literally) can finally be rid of it.




We’re no different spiritually.   We replace the Supernatural One with the superficial.  Just as we’re brainwashed by marketing telling us their cool, new health spins on the same old damaging chemical products, we’re brainwashed with what society tells us is going to make our life “fulfilled”.  Success, marriage, the right job, degrees, accomplishments, the right boyfriend/girlfriend, the perfect house, a sweet ride, looks that kill…..


Just watch what commercials are REALLY selling and you’ll see it!  They’re selling appearance of all of the above mentioned….. even if it’s not your reality.  At least you can make people believe it about you.


Why would we ever drop the True One for a facade?

  • convenience
  • media through TV, print, radio makes this life look fulfilling, fun, and marks it as the point of “arriving”!!
  • its become “staple” in the culture.  What else is there?….  And if there’s something else…. what does that possibly look like?
  • marketing tells us it’s the norm.   We’re more like puppets than we think.


But once we chose to open our eyes open after having the bubble culture has created around us, we can finally see things the way they really are.  God has got your attention and  something happens to you;


  • you can fight culture’s “free radicals” that seek to destroy all the “good” stuff God wants to bring to your life
  • more energy and a focus to do what’s going to bring true meaning!
  • alertness to the urgency of our time here on earth
  • your core/ heart can pump healthy spiritual life through you (which is pretty key, because as soon as THAT stops, so do you)
  • you’re able to get rid of the crap in your life….. and you finally see it as just that.


This goes beyond “sinful” things, which we all can recognize as baaaad.   This stems into things that society has made socially acceptable that we’ve been fooled into thinking was ok with God….



If you’re not into analogies, you’re probably wondering what on EARTH I just said?  Chew on that for awhile.


Is your life really focused on what’s real and pure and true?  Will what you’re basing your time and energy on last for eternity?….. or just till the next fad sweeps in?


Ditch the fake, embrace the Father.


“People seldom do what they believe in.They do what is convenient, then repent” Bob Dylan


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