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the hardest part of a workout is….

I don’t know if my four year old knew what I was blogging about this week, but we had another “weight’ discussion today.  It went like this:


Ben: Mommy, you’re fat


Me: Ben, I’m not fat and you don’t ever tell a woman she’s fat.


Ben: (after a few moments of thought): Ok, I’ll just think you’re fat then.



After that little convo, the treadmill was looking good.  However, we’ve had a few low-key days due to my little Benny not feeling 100%.  You know he’s not well when he just wants to be a home…. sounds like his mommy.


Can I say that staying home for only 2 days has created quite the sloth in me.  It’s been a good thing after such a busy weekend, but there were many times the thought; “why don’t you work out?”  whispered in my ear…… and I TOTALLY pretended I didn’t hear that.


I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning with energy and excitement for the day.  To hit the gym without a question and leave feeling like I’m floating on a cloud (or with legs of lead after a killer leg workout).


As someone who has been a personal trainer, I can honestly say that the hardest part of a workout is getting to the gym.  It seems harder to get both boys into their snow-gear (in MARCH – yes, I live in Calgary) and carry the car seat with my chunky baby into the gym than to do the actual workout!  But I know if I can just get out of the slum the couch creates, the rest is easy.


That’s what my couch does to me.  Its like its slowly carving me into a permanent attachment.   My brain slips into a slow comatose.  Lifting my arm to grab some water soon turns into effort.  By the time the day ends, I’m completely drained from doing…. nothing.


Sometimes we need to rest, especially if we’ve been in a busy season.  But relaxation is addicting.  We have to know when its time to get back at it.   If we’re not careful, we find ourselves saying that famous ol’ phrase; “Tomorrow…”  And we believe ourselves!


You’d think  a personal trainer works out all the time.  Not so.  Sometimes you spend so much time training clients that you find yourself thinking at the end of the day; “WOW!  We worked out hard today!”.   Umm…. “we?”.   THEY worked out hard, YOU just told them to.  You didn’t do a thing!!


If you’re not doing something you’re not doing anything


Its amazing how similar this parallels the activity of our faith.  We have great intentions to step out and do something for the kingdom, but “tomorrow” mentality kicks in.   We’re stuck in a rut of spiritual slothfulness.  We’re drained by doing… nothing.   Or maybe we are busy…. watching others.   And wow, “did WE ever do a lot today”…..


Where are my radicals?  Who’s got radical faith?  Who passionately fight against spiritual status quo – who actively seek ways to show Christ to a lost world?    Where are the momma’s who are past weekly visits to gossip… I mean, catch up?  Where are the moms who are done with the 7th visit to the mall this week because there’s “nothing to do”??


The hardest part of choosing this radical lifestyle is… getting off the couch, stop talking about it and just doing it.  The rest is easy….


Mediocrity is a tsunami.  It destroys everything that is moving slower than it.


What’s the hardest part for you?  Do you find its just “getting up and going?”  Or something different?  I’d love to hear your comments!


“Your spiritual life is like a chia pet you can let it grow as wild and crazy as you want to.” – Matthew Barnett


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