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Beyond Desperate Housewives…

Ok, so I’ve been blogging about asking God for big things and finding purpose for your life.   This has either motivated and inspired you, or drove you nuts.   If it drives you nuts, I can relate.   I actually get frustrated, and even sometimes angry when I hear people talk about finding purpose or God’s cause for life.   I remember being in Houston, Texas at a Joyce Meyer conference awhile ago and hearing Joyce talk about this very topic.   As she spoke, I was irritated.  I almost couldn’t handle listening to her because of the season of my life I’m in.  It just doesn’t allow me to act on these great motivations! (at least the way I’d like to)


Some women read blogs or books along themes like this and feel an enormous sense of guilt, thinking their not doing enough.   When we hear about “dreaming big”, we think it has to be BIG.  When we are honestly not in the place in life to do all these big things, what happens when we hear about it?  Guilt.   What does guilt do?   It buries our passion.   It creates inferiority which paralyses any fruitful action we’re presently engaged in.  It de-motivates us from doing anything!


I remember being at another conference just about a year ago and there was a lady speaking who had 2  young kids (and she was younger than me).  There she was, traveling the world, speaking to multitudes, encouraging them to pursue the call of God on their lives.   I wish I left that conference uplifted and ready to face the world…. but I left feeling so inferior, with a complex of “what’s wrong with me, God?”.   Why wasn’t the phase of having young children holding this woman back?   Had I missed the boat?  Will I ever do anything of significance?   I was comparing myself to her   ….. have you been there?


No matter what you feel when you start to hear about living above the norm: frustration, anger, guilt, inferiority, comparison, feeling what you do isn’t enough, etc etc –  the truth is that there IS significance to your life.  I have dared to open my heart up to this idea once again, but this time I’ve discovered something surprising.


It’s not as annoying as I thought.


Instead of choosing to be defeated, after hearing that woman at the conference, I chose to devote myself to serving others.  I committed to God that if He didn’t give me a specific cause or dream to pursue myself at the moment, I would serve someone else’s.


Somewhere I started believing that unless God gave ME a dream or gave ME the freedom to be able to pursue all these great things, that I could just sit around….. sit around and mope (saying, God has forgotten me….) or get distracted by the pleasures this world has to offer.


SLAP!  Big wake up call: ummm….. no.  Unless I want to commit spiritual suicide then I need to get on board with what God’s doing; and He’s doing a ton of things through other people!   The danger is when we stay frustrated, angry, guilty, inferior…. it’s a distraction.  It’s deception.  It blinds us from actually BEING effective which was the very desire in us to start!


My advice to all of us who find our time limited in this season of life?  Serve somebody.  Find someone who’s doing something for the kingdom and come alongside them.  You’ll grow, they’ll grow, the kingdom will enhance…. it’s win-win.    The other option is you on the couch slowly turning into a sourpuss…..


There’s life beyond watching The Bachleorette.  There’s life beyond Desperate Housewives.


who can you serve?


Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others (1 Peter 4:10)

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