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I need a hero


“Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods ?

Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds ?” (remember that song?)


Where are the heroes today?  I can’t see them.  I can’t see them behind the lies of self-consumption.   I can’t see them trying to peek their heads above the pounding waves of mediocrity.  I can’t see them fighting their way against the flow of apathy.


What is a hero?  Is it someone who rises to every occasion of need to be the answer?   Is it someone who everyone knows and admires?  Is it someone with great strength or intellectual ability?   To be a hero, do you need to look good in tights?…..


A hero is simply someone who makes a difference.   They soar above apathy.  They see needs and find ways to meet them.  They care.  They go the distance.   They dare dream how they can bring God’s kingdom to earth.  They do this by sacrificing their  own wants.  They go against the flow.  They remind themselves often what life is about.  They fight the war against the “norm”.   They break out of society’s system and lift the lid off of needs most people overlook.


Today, Watoto children’s choir visited our church.  These kids are orphans taken off the streets in Africa, put into homes and schools and some get to travel the world singing and dancing.   It was a beautiful experience to hear their stories and see the hope glimmer in their eyes.   I can’t help but think of Gary Skinner, the man who started this ministry to these orphans.  What if he would have lived a normal “day to day” life?  What if he hadn’t taken a minute to see a great need?  What if he hadn’t dreamed of what could happen if he responded to that need?  What if he would have thought of all the reasons why he “couldn’t”?   All those kids lives would be no different…..


In our North American lives, it’s very easy to get caught up with the day-in, day-out, mundane “norm”.   It’s almost like living our own personal groundhog day; same thing over and over.   What if we stopped the rat race and paused to really “see” and “hear”?  What would we see?  What would we hear?  What opportunities for us to be God’s hands and feet would arise?


We often think these opportunities need to be “big” or they’re not worth much.   That’s the thing; heroes have average inspiration that just multiplies and explodes.  They’re not out to save the whole earth, but people in their sphere of influence.  They care more about people than they do their petty “to-do” lists.  They place value on what’s really important rather than on minimal things like status and numbers.


Heroes are influencers.  YOU have influence, whether you realize it or not.  What will we do with that influence?   Will we robotically continue our typical North American lifestyle of money and pleasure for self, or will we dare to live by a different pace?


Something to think about…..


Fame is not influence. Many famous people have little influence while you can influence many without being famous. – Rick Warren


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