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There are no orphans of God

Seven years ago this weekend my dad lost his battle with cancer.   He was only 54 years old.   He had fought cancer a year before and won, but it came back at him with double force and took him.   I’ll never forget getting the call the morning he passed away.  I was 2 minutes away from having to teach a dance class.   I had no idea how I was going to go through with teaching, but somehow I made it through.  After a long day, I finally got to board a plane and headed off to Calgary.

Three months later, my Gramma passed away suddenly, without any warning.  I was still so raw from the loss of my dad.   My grandparents and I were extremely close as they lived only a few minutes from my house.  I was fortunate to spend so much time with them growing up.   To lose her as well left me devastated.  Shortly after moving back to Calgary, my grandpa decided to join my dad and gramma.

In just 2 years, my family was…. gone.  We had a small family.  Just dad, mom, gramma, grandpa and myself.  No siblings…. just them.   Now, they were all gone except my mom.

Just last year, my mom remarried.  I was very happy for her because the thought of her being lonely was too much for me.   However, I never expected how it would change our relationship and family dynamic.  I never anticipated her living in Arizona for a big chunk of the year.    I didn’t think it would take a toll on my idea of “family” as much as it has.

In the last year I have mourned the loss of family as I knew it more than ever.   I had such a wonderful family.   A family many of my friends envied.   A family where I always was supported and given every opportunity to grow.   Even though my dad and I didn’t see eye to eye much when I was growing up, in the last 10 years of his life, he became the father and mentor I had always dreamed of.

With the loss of my dad, gramma and grandpa and my mom’s new life away from me, I’ve felt….. like an orphan.   Just this past Christmas eve, the grief was so overwhelming, all I wanted to do was get so plastered I’d forget about life for a week.   That’s not something I do or have ever done,  but it was all I could think of doing that would numb the pain.   I was scheduled to do a reading at our Christmas eve service.  I  had it all planned;  I would show up late so I wouldn’t have to look anyone in the eye, then do my reading, and bust outta there.   Only part one of the plan worked.  I showed up late and waited for my turn.   Just before I was to get on stage, one of my dear friends sang the song “There are no orphans of God”.   Oh man, that did it.   It took absolutely EVERY OUNCE of my effort not to completely break down.   The liquor store was looking better and better.  Thankfully I had some great friends stop me at the door on my way out, and saved me from my drunken plan.

That may offend you to hear that.  But I can tell you that I empathize much more now with those who are so filled with disappointment that all they can think about is drinking their cares away.   I can understand how they get to that point.

My eyes have also become much more open to those who are “orphaned”.   Kids who’s parents have split.  Teens who’s parents don’t give them the time of day.  Young adults who’s parents constantly put them down.  The rejection and abandonment from parents creates spiritual “orphans”.

God was speaking to me through that song my friend sang; “There are no orphans of God”.  He was reaching out to me to say that even though my physical family was no more, HE is more than enough to take away the pain of abandonment and be Father God to me.    Even further, God has opened my eyes to the great need of this generation.  He has put the burden in me to cry out to them; “There are no orphans!”   To speak over them; “You are not abandoned.  The Father heart of God is reaching out to touch your brokenness”.

This doesn’t mean there is no loss, grief, hurt or rejection.   Those feelings are very real.  Seven years after my dad’s death, I miss him even more today than I did the day of his passing.   But it gives hope.   It shows us that we are not limited to earthly family to fulfill the hole in our hearts.  God CAN fill that hole with the Father part of His character.  In fact, disappointment with family points us back to where our focus was needed in the first place: God Himself.  No family, no matter how perfect, no group of friends, no matter how supportive, can replace the void that only God was intended to fill.  The problem comes when us who feel orphaned start to try and find that fulfillment in other people.   It always leaves us more empty than before.

You have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again

But you have received a spirit of adoption as sons (and daughters) by which we cry out

ABBA FATHER (Romans 8:15)

This verse tell us that we are not slaves.  We don’t need to fear.  God has adopted us.  There are no orphans of God.   And now that we’re adopted by Him, we can crawl into his arms and say “Abba Father” – not “Abba” the music group.  “Abba” meaning: papa.   Amazing that the God of the universe would welcome this intimate relationship of Father and son/daughter with His creation.

He is calling out, the question is: are you up for adoption? Do you desire for God to be the Father He longs to be in your life?  It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing or the most broken family; God wants to be Abba Father to you.

This is still pretty fresh and raw in my own life.  God’s still doing some pretty deep work in me regarding this.  I can only pray that my broken journey can bring encouragement to your soul.

There are no orphans of God.

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  1. Angie Hung
    February 20, 2011 at 4:10 am

    Thanks for sharing Connie!!! {{{hugs}}} That song makes me cry too.

  1. July 28, 2011 at 1:31 pm

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