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God’s valentine

I remember in grade 8, writing a love letter to a guy in my class and stuffing it up his locker.    I was so nervous for him to get it, after I put my “heart out there”, so to speak.      I could barely focus on what the teachers were saying that day.   Finally, the dismissal bell rang and I made my way out to the school field where I knew he’d be.


Instead of having my constant daydreaming of him rushing to me and admitting how much he admired me too, I was met with his friends holding my letter laughing.   Somewhere behind them, he was there laughing too.  They took a lighter and lit my letter on fire and dropped it in front of me on the gravel.   They turned and continued to laugh, shouting things like; “How did you ever think he’d like a girl like YOU”…..

I was left there alone with my burnt letter…. crushed.


Did you know God has felt the same?


Did you know that God wrote you and I a valentine?

It was written to those….

  • who have loved but have only been rejected…
  • who gave all they had to that special someone only to be betrayed….
  • who found that the one they loved was untrue and left them alone to pursue the younger, more beautiful…
  • who wonder “what’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I find love?….


Here is His Valentine, written into a beautiful poem:

Let me sing now for my well-beloved

A song of my beloved concerning His vineyard….

My well-beloved had a vineyard on a fertile hill.

He dug it all around, removed its stones and planted it with the choicest vine.

He built a tower in the middle of it and hewed out a wine vat in it;

Then He expected it to produce good grapes, but it produced only worthless ones…

(Isaiah 5:1-2)

Imagine with me for a moment, God the Father out on a beautiful, grassy hill; digging the perfect place for a vineyard.  The soil is perfect, so He digs, removes all the rocks that would hinder the perfect vine.  Then He takes the BEST seed of the land and plants it into the ground.  He waters and cares for the vine.   He goes further to build a tower in the middle of the vineyard with a wine vat so that He and His vineyard can produce the choicest of wines.  The best wine one could find for miles.


But this vine, even though planted in the perfect soil, even with rocks removed and being rooted in the best vine – only produces worthless grapes.


What kind of valentine is this?  Who is this “vine”?  It’s us.  (can’t say I’ve ever been compared to a “vine” before)   This poem is mankind’s rejection of the God who loved them.  God did everything for us: showed us His eternal love that doesn’t die, sent His very own son to be sacrificed for us, planted us, watered us, removed our “stones” and  provided an avenue where our lives could be fruitful for Him.


What did we do despite the perfect environment created for us?  We rejected Him…. and produced a worthless life.


Those who have tasted rejection can empathize to some degree with God’s broken heart over His cruel people.


When I first read this letter to us in Isaiah, I felt in a very small way that I could understand God’s rejected heart.   Why would we reject the One who has done nothing but love us?   How could we reject someone who has done everything for us to show His love?   We, as humans, know how much that crushes the soul when someone does that to us.


Today, God’s valentine calls out to those of us who choose not to reject Him, but embrace Him.


To notice the fertile ground He has placed us on.


To perceive how special He made us as His “choicest vine” and to praise Him for it.


To allow Him to remove our “stones” so we can grow.


To live to thank Him by producing a life that pleases and glorifies Him.


Can you hear God’s heart cry out to you; “Be Mine” .   What will your response be?



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  1. February 14, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Talk about hitting a home run – that is awesome — absolutely wonderful — was that really your story?? You have no idea how plagued I used to be with rejection — seriously — the reason why I had such a hard time in my younger years – I was literally born with rejection — my entire family was upset when my mother became pregnant with me (God’s truth) — and still battle with things and have to pray through them. And here we are rejecting God’s love, light and the fulness of His life – that He has made available for us — Love you Connie — (I read this out loud with Martha sitting beside me – and had to look afterwards as to who wrote it!) AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET THE SOUND. Been really praying for your health and the family-THANK YOU! February 14, 2011 Happy Valentines

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