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Tolerance: a little confused?

I’m wondering what you discovered from Monday’s blog about the changes that have occurred from generation to generation – from my grandparents time to now?   Here’s just a few examples I thought of: (these are observations not my opinions of what I think is better)

  • On TV, when TV finally came out, married couples would be shown sleeping in separate twin beds.  Now we not only see them in the same bed but….. well, I’m blushing now.
  • The worst thing a teacher had to worry about in school was chewing gum?  Now teachers worry about guns and violence.
  • Before, there was a strong commitment to make marriage work for life.  Now, if we even get married, it’s not a problem to cheat on your spouse – especially if they’re not making you happy.  And over 50% of marriages will end in divorce.  We can even get “quickie” divorces.  Maybe drive though is next…..
  • Before, there wasn’t mass problems with promiscuity, fornication and their consequences.   Now, it’s common to flaunt sexuality and have unsafe sex often – being as young as 9 years old (which is the youngest case I’ve personally heard of).  Its almost like the more shocking we can get with sexuality in songs, media and printed marketing the better products sell.
  • Before, at the beach women wore full length bathing suits, sometimes even to the knees.  Now its odd not to see women in a bikini.
  • Before, there was firm commitment to values, family and work.  Now, if it feels good then do it.  So if that means not showing up for work, that’s cool.   If that means ditching your kids to pursue the teenage life you never lived, that’s ok.  Whatever makes you happy….


I could go on, but you understand. I’m not saying that my grandparents age was this “Pleasantville” looking place with nothing wrong.  It was there, just not on the surface.


This brings us to the next woe in Isaiah 5.  Actually, the next two woes.

“Doom to you who use lies to sell evil, who haul sin to market by the truckload.   Who say; “What is God waiting for?  Let Him get a move on so we can see it.  Whatever the Holy One has cooked up we’d like to check it out.

Doom to you who call evil good, and good evil.  Who put darkness in place of light and light in place of darkness.  Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5: 18-20)

Remember, these verses are being spoken to people who KNOW God.  These aren’t “heathens”, so to speak.  Check out what these chosen ones are doing:


  • they’re making money off of evil – lying to cover it up by saying; “This isn’t bad!”.  They want sales, they don’t care about God or His value system –  just money.  hmmm…. I can think of a lot of examples of that in our society today.   I don’t mean to pick on the Pussycat Dolls (ok.. I do), but the influence they have on todays teens and even 10 year old girls is a little sickening.  Girls dressing like them and parading promiscuity.   But amazingly enough, when you see Nicole Scherzinger out of her pussycat character, she’s so… normal.   She’s not really like that at all.   But people will do anything for money….. even influence society down the wrong path.  To cover it up they make it “the norm”.  (I’m not blaming all our sexuality problems on Nicole.  She’s just my example)
  • not only are the people of God in this verse selling sin and covering it up, they actually  have the nerve to challenge God about it.  I guess someone must of confronted them.  Here’s their response:  “If what we’re doing is so wrong then where’s God’s lightning bolt to strike us?”   They’re actually challenging God to bring it on!  Proverbs call these people “scoffers”.  Unbelievable.  The nerve!  I know how my blood boils when my 4 year old gives me that same attitude…..


But here’s what God does:


He lets them get away with it.


Why??  Well, He’s a loving God and is giving them a chance to hear His message and turn their life around.  Secondly,  He’s given us the will to make choices for our lives.  Don’t fool yourself, God’s not stupid or weak.  He is simply allowing them to exercise their free will.  However, in the end they will face consequences that cannot be reversed.


  • they got so used to selling sin and covering it up with lies that the truth got blurred.  After calling evil “good” so often that it would sell, evil actually BECAME good!   The very things that would break God heart became socially acceptable.   I think today we call this, “tolerance”.   You can’t tell anyone anything is right or wrong.  It’s whatever is right for YOU.  Unfortunately, that won’t stand when we face eternity.    Do we even know what’s “right” anymore?   Ask a teen that’s already slept with a handful of people if they believe that’s wrong and they just shrug it off like its nothing.   Ask a married woman who flirts with a co-worker if she thinks that’s ok and she’ll laugh it off.   Ask a man if it’s normal to hit the strip club every so often and he’d just say its only a night out with his buddies.  Ask a 10 year old boy who’s hero is 50 Cent if they think it’s ok to live the life of a gangsta: violence, stealing and pimping – they’d probably tell you how cool that is!


“Today’s acceptance becomes tomorrow’s standard!” – Brian Houston


There comes a time in our life when we need to decide who we’re going to serve.  It comes down to me or God.  Will I adopt His views or continue in mine?  Will I set my life to His standards or create my own belief system?


Forgive me if I seem narrow-minded.  I guess you can say I am, but hopefully more than that I’d hope that my decision to abandon myself to cling to Christ is more evident.  I’ve surrendered all I am to Him and now I walk His path.   I feel a call to gently challenge others with the same decision.


So, who will you be serving?

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  1. laura meilleur
    February 9, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    Well said my friend, we do need to make a choice, we cannot serve two masters. I want to cling to Christ as well. The lines that we are defining in our own personal values now, are the lines we are defining for our grandchildren. I want them to be handed down a legacy that is pleasing to God. What a thought…we must die to flesh, pick up our cross and follow Christ.

  2. Charlene Z
    February 9, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    All I can say is preach it sister!!!! I LOVE your honesty!!! Bring it & don’t for get while you bring it to “slap it”… LOL!! Love ya & keep em comin’!

  3. SJ
    February 9, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Well if the dirty 30’s mean anything to you, my Grandparents generation was just as progressive as it is today, not much different. It wasn’t until the start of the sexual revolution that what began in the 30’s began to influence our culture and society. The church responded with a form of holiness and seperation instead of actualy addressing the ever changing trends within our culture. Those in the church had their church life and their home life rarely did the two come together. The church lost her voice and ever since she’s been working to get it back “in the name of love” it’s become a form of sloppy grace where people in the church have begun to encourage same sex covenented relationships and reduced the word of God in the area of sexual ethics to a disbutable matter and where speaking truth is becoming seen as offensive in many of our church’s! Sure there are some grey areas but truth is truth. We can package moral relativism in many different ways like the “disputable matter” theological perspective…it is what it is, not taking a stand for truth. We need to be able to extend both grace and truth but so far we’ve only successfuly polarized grace and truth when really we were never suppose to understand one without the other.

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