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Oblivious to opposition

Everyone wants confidence.   Just travel through your local Chapters and you’ll see our great craving for it.   Look at the magazines being sold in the grocery store at the cash register.  We yearn for confidence.


When I was a teen, I had a gift of not caring what others thought. I had confidence that many would envy.  In fact, I was often asked where my confidence came from.   I stand amazed looking back at how I would effortlessly step out into new territory only to find nothing but success.   Remembering the way I was, I now envy myself!


I love teaching kids dance in schools.  Kindergarden to grade 6 – they’re fearless to step out and try.  Grade 7 you can see they’re becoming more self-aware, and grade 8…. well that year is just a write-off I’d say.   The last grade 8 class I taught basically had their backs glued to the wall.  I told them unless they intended on throwing money I was not dancing by myself (kinda wish they would have taken the throwing-money option…..)


You would think being in my later 30’s and having kids I’d be entering a time of my life where I don’t care what others think…. but I think its finally hit me now!   Each time I get up to do anything or wander into new ventures, I can feel the breath of opposition on my back.  I hear the voices of doubt feeding my heart and mind.   I see the looks from those who are just waiting for me to fail.   Are these observations real?  Maybe, but most of the time they are only my imagination.  And despite these imaginations, I allow them to cripple me.  I shrivel in fear.


Ignorance is truly bliss.   Because even when there IS opposition, what good does it do to focus on it?  My best days have been when I had no idea what opposed me.   And you know who our biggest opposition is? ….. ourselves.   We are so concerned about failing.  We fear what man thinks of us.


What if I told you there’s an answer to finding the confidence we crave?  (and it’s not in a self-help book)


Be strong, take courage.  Don’t be intimidated.  Don’t give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you.  He’s right there with you.  He won’t let you down, He won’t leave you. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Don’t give them a second thought because GOD…… Confidence comes from confidence IN God and knowing that He is with us.  Case closed.  Enough said.   Now IMPLEMENTING that is a completely different story.


This isn’t the first time you or I have heard this.  We know this already don’t we?   So why does 80% (maybe even 90%!) of society not have the confidence they want?  Why do we still look with envy at others who seem to have all the confidence in the world?  Why do we limit ourselves?

Because we worship ourselves.

We need to change who we worship.


There was a young man named Joshua who stood in the crowd as this verse was spoken by his leader, Moses.   Out of a million people, Joshua chose to believe this.   When it came time to put these words into action, only Josh and his buddy Caleb believed this and moved forward.


It all boils down to a choice.  A choice EVERY time intimidation knocks at the door.  Every time someone says something that discourages you.  Every time you think you’re not good enough.  Every time you feel alone in your endeavors to move ahead.


A choice to worship Him more than self, and to be brave enough to believe what He says is true.

If we do, we will be oblivious to opposition.

Those kind of people make history.


“Let every thing you do today be done with explosive faith.”  Matthew Barnett


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