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Where my diva’s at? – taking beauty back

I’m a diva on the inside.  If I didn’t have kids I’d bring on the bling all the time.  As of late, I’ve reserved myself – mostly because I’ve recently had a baby and pregnant clothes DO NOT bring out any diva whatsoever! haha!    But before I had kids I would religiously do my hair, makeup and dress to the glam every day.  I had the time to…. (and the money…)

However kids have brought me back to reality and just as much as I love to doll up, I will head out of house in sweats, boots, my Run DMC shirt and a toque – sometimes even forgetting to brush my hair.   I’ll never forget the one day I headed off to chapters dressed like that and found myself in a swarm of moms my age dressed to the hilt with their trendy coats and leather boots.  Before I walked in, I didn’t think about what I was wearing, but after seeing all these moms I instantly felt frumpy.

Why would I feel that way?  How many times in my own heart have I crossed the line in my motivation to look good to:

  • get noticed
  • compare myself with the other gals in the room
  • be able to be the alpha female – the one who gets the right to be claimed “best dressed of the evening)
  • want all the women in the room to admire and praise me

(come on, you’ve done these too….)

If I’m confident in who I am as a woman, I can have a no-makeup day and still feel like the top of the world.   I can go into chapters in sweats and a tee and feel like a woman of worth.  Why?  Because my goal isn’t to “one-up” the others.  I’m not out to get eyes on me.  Doesn’t matter if my goal is to get men to look at me or women – the motive is the same.

Isaiah 3:16  says “Zion’s women (Zion is God’s people) are stuck up, prancing around in their high heels, making eyes at all the men on the street, swinging their hips, tossing their hair, gaudy and garish in cheap jewelry” (The message)

Ok, hold it for a second.  “gaudy and garish in cheap jewelry?”… now that just hurts.  I love gaudy jewelry!  The bigger the earrings the better!  And lets not go there with the hair!  Hair is a big deal to me.  God didn’t give me a killer body or great teeth, but my hair is my crown and I’ve “tossed” it a time or two in my day!  Is that wrong?  Is it wrong for a woman to want to be beautiful?  For her to take time to adorn herself?  Didn’t God put that desire in us?

No, there is nothing wrong with a woman being womanly. (whew)  For her to take time to dress herself nice and feel pretty.   What Isaiah is talking about is women who are proud.   Women who dress to impress.  Impress surrounding women to want to be like them and impress the men to adore them…. and these are married women he’s talking about.  Move over Desperate Housewives! (someone thought that was original?) That is exactly the kind of women Isaiah is addressing.  It’s time for us to take beauty back, ladies – to the way God intended us to wear it.

I think all women struggle with these inward heart motives and keeping them in check.  I often think of Proverbs 31:30 “Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades (ain’t that the truth! … sorry, my rant…) but the woman to be admired and praised (the heart motive we struggle with) is:……

the woman who lives in the fear of the Lord.

So next time I’m tempted to look at Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher and even Sarah Jessica-Parker in envy, something in my sub-conscience (aka: the Holy Spirit) will remind me of Proverbs 31 and if I’m wise, I’ll listen.

Here’s to being a God-fearing Diva.

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  1. stephanie
    January 3, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    This is such a great post Connie. Being pregnant currently… well, it doesn’t change my desire to want to look pretty and feel good no matter how short this time left is. And I remember my husband not long after baby #1 was born commenting on how I don’t really “try” anymore… sometimes the motivation is lost not for lack of wanting to look more beautiful, but for lack of time. But you are so right- it’s so easy to get caught up. I’ve gotten used to only wearing make up on the weekends, but I have my days where I’m in the crowd of those other moms and i wonder why i didn’t try harder that day.

    Love your writing! Keep it up!

  1. July 8, 2011 at 2:33 pm

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