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a lost art

I heard some great lyrics on the radio the other day.  They just jumped out at me!

“Oh the way we build our empires hoping to impress our friends.  We’ve forgotten how to inspire those who fall to rise again”. (Newsboys)

Have we forgotten how to inspire?   Are we so concerned with keeping up with the latest fashion, houses, cars, having the perfect family on the outside, trendy jobs etc that we forget to live a life that causes others to want to be better?  Are we building our “empires”?

Really made me think.   I’ve had a few moments this week where I’ve talked to my 4 year old son about behaving different than other kids.   To accept others when they don’t accept him.   To share when no one else is sharing.   To offer to let others go first even when they never offer that to him.   Did he do these things? …. No, he’s 4.   It’s like I’m talking a foreign language to him.   But I pray as he grows up, I can reinforce this over and over again and hopefully he can see this become a part of who he is.

Think of people you look up to…. people who inspire you.   What makes them different?   Do they just go with the flow?  Many of those who inspire us don’t blend with society.  There’s something about them that stands out.   Something about them makes us want to live better, be better.  They encourage us with their lives that there is life beyond ourselves.   I can think of a handful of people throughout my life who have inspired me:  My husband Reuben, my dad, my mom,  my grandparents, my youth pastor Paul Burke and his wife Vicky, Dave Wells, Lee and Cathy Primeau my pastors, Aaron and Kendra Melanson and some great girlfriends I have.    These people aren’t on the cover of “People Magazine”.   They are every-day people who don’t settle for the status quo.   And because they don’t settle – they challenge me not to.

Do they know they’ve done this?  Not really (well, I guess now they do).   We can often feel that what we do day after day – the simple, even mundane things – don’t make a difference.  But somewhere, in some corner far off, someone is watching.  And they will either be inspired by our lives or not.  Not saying we live to inspire everyone, because there’s no way our lives can inspire EVERYONE….. yet nonetheless, let’s not forget to inspire.   Let’s not forget in 2011 that our lives are not meant for our own but for others.   One life touched by ours is significant.  You know why?  Because that life will go and inspire another life somewhere…. and on it goes.

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

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  1. January 13, 2011 at 7:52 am

    “Oh the way we build our empires hoping to impress our friends. We’ve forgotten how to inspire those who fall to rise again”. (Newsboys)

    Well that could also include presenting a false religious self.

    I gotta think about that one … they’re both really good statements to think about. The latter is what stands out to me… “we’ve forgotten how to inspire those who fall to rise again,”

    We look at the great men and women of God written down in the scriptures like King David, Abraham, Moses etc

    But here’s the thing that we sometimes fail to see..

    Abraham’s faith was credited to him as righteousness yet as many times as he acted in faith there has been times he’s had no faith.

    Then there’s Moses who never even entered the promised land because of his disobedience.

    And then the man everybody looks up to, the man after God’s own heart, King David, a man sexually and relationally broken who spent his entire life learning the heart of repentance while making the hard choice to get back up after moral failure had led to serious consequences and spending his entire life learning to turn away from his temptations and turn towards the Lord. God didn’t say of King David he’s a man after my heart because he was perfect but because of his humility and being willing to learn what true repentance is, King David truly pursued the heart of God in the midst of a broken family, his family filled with murder, incest, adultery, etc etc

    We so often place people up on a pedestal without acknowledging their humanity and tendency to make the wrong choice. I think we need to re-humanize those we look up to, see their weaknesses, even their flaws, our leaders need to be OK with weakness and vulnerability too.

    “oh how we build our empires hoping to impress our friends …” It’s not just with the material but it can be with image.

    You know who inspired me to rise again?

    This friend of mine. He struggled with ongoing habitual sin to pornography. In his willingness to be vulnerable and to challenge my view in men, he spoke into the places I had been wounded. He was honest and authentic and never hesitated to confess another moral failure when it happened. I watched as he battled with his addictions, I watched as he chose to get back up with renewed strength. He showed me his intimate walk with the Lord and the healing God began to accomplish in his life transforming him daily into His image.

    Who inspire me are not the perfect because the perfect have never walked in my shoes. It’s the one who’s acquainted with his/her weakness and who knows what it’s like to struggle and who rise up to the challenge to know what it means to walk in freedom because of God’s grace and kindness poured out. They understand it’s not their righteousness but the righteousness of Christ. They understand they’re not saved by good works but rather saved for good works and there is an appreciation for our flawed humanity. And when there is this understanding there is less of a need in keeping up with the Jones’s.

  2. January 13, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Sorry … that was rather a long comment 😉

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