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Prince of Peace

There once was a king who had no peace.   His kingdom was under attack and this caused much fear in his heart and in the heart of his people.  God told this king to ask for a sign – that God would save him and his people, but this king refused.  He refused because he was a rebellious king.  Instead, he looked to kings of other nations to save him.

But God in His mercy, gave him a sign anyways.   We first hear of this sign in Isaiah 9 when we hear of the child who would be born who would be called: Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, and lastly Prince of Peace.

This king would die never to receive the sign that God wanted to give him.   Never to behold the peace that God had for him.   When the child was born the only ones who came to welcome him was some shepherds and later, wise men.  As the child grew, many would pass him by not realizing that the Prince of Peace had come to them.

I ponder in my life, if I, like the king look to the worlds resources and my own ability to bring me the peace I so crave?   If I, like those who lived in Jesus day, pass Him by each Christmas not realizing the Prince of Peace has come?

This Christmas, let our hearts receive Him.  Jesus said in John 14:27: “My peace I give to you as a gift – peace of mind and heart.  It is a gift the world cannot give so do not fear or be afraid”.

To the woman who has lost her husband.  To the family that is torn apart.  To the child struggling with bullies at school.  To the teen wrestling with hard life decisions.  To the hurting, broken and wounded – He will bring happiness, safety and welfare (the hebrew meaning of “peace”) in its purest form.

He is the PRINCE of PEACE.  Let our hearts receive Him

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