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ever wish you were more talented?

I’ve had the honor of being able to experience some pretty cool things so far in this life.   And the things that I’ve been able to do for God have really had an impact on me. These things I’ve been able to do has been at a fairly young age.
A lot of people look up to people with “talent”.   You know those ones who seem to be good at everything?   I’ve been put in that category by others,  but I can name you a gazillion things I’m NOT good at and wish I was (like cooking).  I, in turn, look up to people who are talented in so many areas that I’m not.    Truth is: we all look up to someone who we feel is more talented than us and we often don’t see the value of the gifts we’ve been given.   As my mom said to me when I was in elementary when a girl came to school with better hair than me: “There will always be someone you think is better than you”…..
But when it comes to God, He really isn’t concerned with what we’re good at or how MANY things we’re good at either.   He gave us those gifts.  As much as He loves to see us enjoy and use them, His love for us doesn’t grow because of them.  And if we want to impress Him, talent isn’t going to get us very far.
Psalm 51:16 says: “You don’t delight in sacrifice otherwise I would give it; You are not pleased with burnt offering”.  This verse even goes further by saying that God isn’t impressed with outward acts of service – even things done FOR Him!  He doesn’t care how much I volunteer, how many homeless people I help, how often I attend church, if I raise my hands in worship or not…..  It doesn’t impress Him.
So what DOES impress Him then?  Because aren’t those things mentioned above good things?   Yes they are!  But we’re talking about what catches God’s eye….
Psalm 51:17 says the kind of sacrifice God wants from us: a broken spirit and a contrite heart.   THIS God will not despise.  You know what this says?   The kind of “sacrifice” that was mentioned above (our outward acts of service) God can actually DESPISE!  Yikes!   But He won’t despise a broken spirit….. a contrite heart.
I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this verse.  I remember hearing a sermon when I was a teen on brokenness and it impacted me.   But until just recently, I had no idea what this verse really meant.  I thought this was just speaking of humbleness, which it is!  But its much deeper than that.
The brokenness God is speaking of here is: breaking into pieces.  I was ok with this.  Sounded good to me!   I’ve even prayed to God in the past; “Break me Lord!  Break my heart with what breaks Yours”.  But if I don’t mean this from the heart, I won’t like what happens when God takes me seriously.
What it also means is a kingdom being broken to pieces.  Who’s kingdom?  You got it: MY kingdom, YOUR kingdom.   Our kingdoms being smashed to pieces and being replaced with HIS kingdom.   His desires, His heart, His thoughts….. we are literally allowing God to take everything away except Him.     This sounds romantic in writing or even someone eloquent in a sermon, but lived out in life?  Well that’s just down-right hard….   Because when the rubber meets the road and all is “stripped away” – I’m pretty stinkin’ selfish and life really is all about me.  I want God to be pleased with how I lead in worship and study His word.  I want Him to remember all the teams I’ve led, sermons I’ve preached, people I’ve helped…..   I don’t want to have to go further than that actually allowing God to purge everything from me.
A broken spirit is something EVERYONE can have.   We don’t need to waste our time wishing we were more talented or gifted – especially if we know that it really isn’t all that impressive to God.    I think of the widow who gave all she had….. there are many who wish they were more “useful” and have no idea that they are far more “useful” than they think!    All who are weak, poor, broken and crushed – YOU’VE caught God’s eye…..
Break my kingdom
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  1. Miranda Himmelspeck
    December 23, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    We are but vessels to be used with the gifts that God has given us. You can sing beautifully (I sometimes wish I could) but I can cook and serve in so many small ways that I don’t even know that I am serving because they are just so much a part of my nature, but sometimes God allows me a glimpse into how He is using me in people’s lives without my knowing it.

    God uses cracked pots – so from one crack pot to another, keep up the great blogging. You always give me something to think about.

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