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Makin’ an Mpact

This is Mpact… well some of them.   These guys are an amazing bunch and I want to dedicate my blog today to them.   Mpact is a hip hop crew – but not like any other I’ve ever worked with.    These guys dedicate every Friday night to come and learn new choreography and practice their hearts out.   They are some of the most self-less people I know.  Let me tell you why.

Mpact’s name  was created by the group out of their heart to make an impact on people.   It was their idea, not mine, to make our group’s focus to be about making our dance have a message that would have a positive effect on people.  And these aren’t just “words” to these guys.

For the last month, we have dedicated our performances to groups in need.   We had the honour of performing for the Special Needs Ministry at Centre Street Church and even got them up there with us doing the Electric Slide  led by Kayla.

Then we got to visit a ministry that reaches out to kids in need in forest lawn and perform for their kids Christmas party.   What a highlight that night was seeing the kids faces and doing a Soul Train with them!   And just as we blessed them, THEY blessed us by surprising us with stockings filled with goodies for each person on the team!  Wow!

But this Friday I saw how amazing my team is.  We were scheduled to perform at the Ronald McDonald House.   Performance time was 6:30pm.   We were all there getting ready in this most amazing, beautiful venue.  Only one problem….. there was no audience – only a poor new employee (who apparently was very cute to some of the gals on our team) who had no idea we were coming.   He informed us that most families had gone home for the holidays.   So you know what our team did?  They kept practising the dance!   Our new Ronald McDonald employee friend found us 1 audience member: Omar, a little 6 year old boy who had such bad immunity he can’t go outside.  He was our audience along with Mr. Hot employee (who only had eyes for Eric.  Sorry gals…)   I never heard the team grumble once.   Even Kristin, who’d gone through hell and back to get there (ok, just the U of C but for some that’s the same as hell..)  In fact, they kept smiling and performed with all their heart for our little audience.   After the performance, Omar warmed up to us by becoming our choreographer and putting on music for us to dance to.   And the team danced for this little boy who probably needed some entertainment.

Omar was a quirky kid who seemed slightly aloof at first but we’ll never know what we did for him on Friday night.    My team has proven to live up to what “Mpact” means: making an impact…  even if it means for only an audience of one.   I don’t know many people who would do that (at least without complaining).

We ended our evening with a tour of the Ronald McDonald House which was just amazing and then off to Denny’s for some well deserved grub.

Mpact, today I celebrate you.   I’m reminded of why we do what we do and I can’t tell you how thankful I am that God has brought you into my life.   I’m influenced by you for the better.   Keep doing what you do.

Makin’ an Mpact

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  1. BB
    December 18, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Yeah for MPact!!!!!! May God pour out “extra” blessings on each of you 🙂
    You are very special dancing friends!

  2. Angie Hung
    December 20, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    Go Mpact! Thanks for typing up the memories, Connie!

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