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a little generosity goes a long way

This weekend was very touching for our family.   This fall, we went through some financial stresses.  It’s amazing how God has brought us through!   On Sunday, a family from our church came by our house with “Christmas” in tow!  They brought presents for Ben, presents for our baby, and presents for Reuben and I!   We were so overwhelmed with their kindness!   They also brought us a ton of Christmas baking (much of which is now on my thighs….)    I wish I could write with justice what my heart felt.   The first thing I thought was “There are people much more needy than us!”   “Why us?”, I pondered.   But they told us God had put us on their heart to bless this Christmas.  wow….

As they were leaving we were talking about what they were doing for Christmas.   They mentioned that they decided to sponsor 5 children in Africa for Christmas.   I was so touched to hear their daughter say how she didn’t want a Christmas present.  She found so much joy in buying our boys gifts and sponsoring her child.

How touching.  How inspiring.   These people know what Christmas is about.   Their heart of generosity makes me want to do the same.   Makes me want to let go of my consumerism and embrace others who don’t have as much as I do.  They have urged me to have a heart of generosity!

Generosity begets generosity… just the same as greed begets greed.   It’s way to easy isn’t it?   I only need to walk through the mall once and I’m done for.   Alas, I find that most of my “wanting” comes from my insane case of vanity.    But what a great model it is to our children for us to not fall for all the consumer marketing out there at Christmas and give to people.

Many times, we don’t know where to look for people in need.  People all around us look like all is well.   It takes a bit of creative thought to really see the needs around us.

On Sunday, one of our pastors spoke about initiatives small groups in our church were doing to make a generous impact.  I was again so moved by the creative ideas!!   Here’s some that I can remember:

– giving money to send people from “Inn from the Cold” on a family night out to a hockey game

– a Christmas banquet for the “Inn from the Cold” guests

– raising money for “Ten Thousand Villages” to buy 14 farms for needy families in Kenya

– food bank donations

– going to pack shoeboxes at Samaritans Purse for Operations Christmas Child

There’s more…. I wish I could remember them all!  These groups decided to look past themselves and look to others and what they could do.   My church is my kind of church.  I’m honoured to know these people!  They spur me on to be more like Christ.

This season my eyes are open to how I can be generous with what I have.   I wonder what great opportunity to give will come my way!   Can’t wait to find out…..

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. (James 1:27)

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