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are you a good person?

It’s easy to be a good person.  Well…. pretty easy.   Most people are what we would call “good”.   My neighbour for example is the nicest, good person I know.  I’m not sure if she has a faith in God but she sure gives of herself to people in need.   I don’t think there’s many people out there who don’t want to do good and be a good person!

Psalm 16 is a Psalm David wrote that shows the difference between just being a “good person” to someone who follows Christ.  There is a difference

David says he will bless God (verse 7)  “Bless” is a word we see a lot in the Bible as well as in church and worship songs.  But what does “Bless” mean?  If someone asked you, could you tell them?   We sing so many songs with words that many don’t know the meaning.   When we know what some of these words mean, it gives depth to our worship.

“Bless” in the hebrew in this verse means: to kneel as an act of adoration.   To say “I will bless the Lord” then is saying “I will bow down before Him and adore Him”.  Does this mean that every time we see “bless” in a song we need to physically bow to the ground?   If we wanted to, sure, but what it really means is to bow the heart.  To humble ourselves.  To bow in submission.   Once we do this, we can see how amazing He really is and the “adore” part comes pretty easy.

That’s the difference between someone who just does good and someone who has made God their ambition and aim in life (Psalm 16:5)  Again, I know this because I was a “do-gooder”.   I’ve always been considered a pretty nice person.  Bubbly, friendly and inclusive.   I’ve always been happy to help people when I saw a need – but I can say I did all that with a heart that was not submitted to God at all.   At the end of the day, when I looked at my inner motives, it was all about me.  This is a hard place to get to and admit….

Psalm 16:8 David says “I have set the Lord CONTINUALLY before me”.   Did you catch that?  He set God behind him…. wait!  No!  He set God BEFORE him and not just once or twice but continually.   We can be amazingly sweet, kind, good people…. but is God before us?   If He’s not, then the hard truth is that its all in vain.

Wow, sounds pretty narrow-minded doesn’t it?   God did say the way is narrow.  Does this mean that all the “good” people do in this life is for nothing?!  No, it’s not all for nothing but it doesn’t get us brownie points with God.  It doesn’t get us a “ticket out of hell free card”.   What God really cares about is us bowing our will to Him.  To abandon ourselves and surrender.  To have Him be the aim in life.  For us to give our lives completely to Him and for us to know and adore Him.

I remember when I dedicated my life to Christ when I was 16 I had just heard my youth pastor, Paul Burke talk about surrendering our entire life to God to follow Him.   He didn’t water it down – just strait up, raw facts….. and I responded.    Again, I was a very “good” person.   I even believed in God!   But I hadn’t come to this point in my life where I would recklessly abandon myself to His ways.

How about you?   Are you a “good” person?   Is Christ continually before you?  Does He have your whole life?  All of your heart?   Does your will bow to His?   Hard questions aren’t they?  But if you dare get before God and wrestle them out, you’ll never be the same.

  1. Belinda
    December 10, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Oh Connie! That’s a hard one!! Why did you have to ask that? Is Christ CONTINUALLY before me? Can I answer yes, most of the time? Or perhaps … some of the time? But….continually???? I don’t know how many times I have surrendered and recommitted myself to Him and I know it doesn’t negate the earlier commitment because I really meant it at the time. But I do know this… my heart’s desire to is to “see Him more clearly, follow Him more nearly and love Him more dearly…. day by day.” (I pinched that from a 17th century monk…I know….. I hang out with some weird people). I blow it most days…. but I think I am going in the right direction…. in a roundabout sort of way. Belinda.

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