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A Christmas thought…

I was at the mall today with my 2 month old baby.   I was sitting on a bench with him on my lap and I noticed  that people would take a moment to glance at him on their way by – who can resist a new baby right?

But something struck me.   People who looked distant in their thoughts would pause to glance.   People who looked like they had a lot on their mind would stop and seemed to have a look of peace flood their countenance.   Women who had the weight of the world would look and their eyes would brighten.   Even teens, laughing and consumed in their conversations would pause while walking by to smile at my boy.  Then there was that little girl, probably about 3 years old who just had to come up to touch him.   You could tell she loved little babies.  And of course there were those who had no time to look.  Too preoccupied with where they needed to go or what they were thinking or doing.

There’s something about a baby that softens even the hardest person.   I love people watching, so today was epic watching hard-faced people soften at the sight of a little one.   Watching those who seemed haughty to glance down and let their guards down for a moment…..

I suppose that would have been the same looking at baby Jesus that Christmas morn long ago….  again, who can resist a baby?!   I’m sure He softened some hearts as well.

One thing I know is that even though no longer a baby, Jesus still softens hearts.   Once glance of Him can still cause the hardest of the hard heart to melt.  He can  lift the eyes of the hurting.  He can impact the self-absorbed and make them world-changers.  He takes the time to look on the least to restore their dignity.

The question is: Who will YOU be?  Will you be one of the ones who takes the time to really gaze upon this Savior this Christmas who can change your heart and make it new?  Will you let Him soften you and allow Him to pierce His loving eyes into your very core?   Like a small child, will you with joy, run to Him just to touch Him?

Or will you be like those who are preoccupied?  Those who continue to walk by and not see Him?   And more tragically, not experience what He can do in your life?

This Christmas, come and behold Him.  Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 36:26)

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