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Who’s invited?

Everyone is invited to our home.  Reuben and I love people and love being inclusive.  However, there’s certain people I LOVE having in my home.   We’re all like that aren’t we?  We all have people who we love bringing into our home because we know them, they know us and there’s good friendship there.

God is the same.   Everyone’s invited to God’s “home”, but there’s certain people who are allowed to stay there.  Hmmmm…. does that sound like favouritism?    Let me show you where I found this:

Psalm 15 talks about those who God allows to “abide or be a guest” in His tent (tent in the hebrew means home)

Who may “dwell” (Hebrew: permanently stay):

1. Those who walk in integrity and work righteousness.

Now I’m finding there’s much conflict in people’s hearts – both followers of Christ and non who struggle with the idea of walking in “righteousness” because there seems to be so much “grey”.  And those who are black and white can seem legalistic, narrow minded and sometimes judgmental.   Just a few years ago I was so tired of the church telling me what they thought was “evil” I went in the complete opposite direction!   don’t get me wrong, I didn’t  go overboard ;  cheat on my husband, become an alcoholic etc etc, but in my heart I rebelled.   If the church said the club was wrong, guess where I wanted to be?  If the church said a casual drink was wrong, guess what I wanted to do?  And I cannot tell you how many people I have met who have had the same experience.   I’m not here to give my opinion on what I believe about going to a club  or social drinking etc – I really don’t believe that’s the point at all.  In fact, I think that’s why so many followers of Christ have become disillusioned in their walk because they think “tatoos” are the issue.   I really don’t think God cares…..   But I know what He DOES care about: Integrity and Righteousness and walking in them.  Walking is an action – doing what God says ABOVE and beyond what my own opinion says.  What does God see as “right”?   That’s a loaded question.  So loaded it took an entire book to explain it to us….  His letter to us – the Bible.   How much more reason to get ourselves out of our own opinions and reading His.

2. Those who speak the truth in their heart

Its very easy for me to justify everything I do – good and bad.   Because you see, when it’s “wrong”,  I am the exception.  I have a perfectly good explanation of WHY I did what I did and why its excusable.   If only I could get past my own deception and excuses and pause to look at my heart and really see what’s going on inside.   Those God loves to have over to His house know how to get past justifying themselves and sees their heart for what it truly is.   Usually this follows with knowing how bad we truly need a Saviour…… and thank God He sent one!

3. Those who do not slander

Ok, I just want to say OUCH from the get-go!   How many times do I get “suckered” into this? (suckered?  HA!  Where’s that “truth in the heart?”  – I’m fully engaged)

The rest I will just list so this doesn’t get long:

4. Those who does no evil to their neighbour or betrays their friend

5. Greed doesn’t bind them

6. Those who fear the Lord and honors others who do the same

One of these days I will write about what I found out about the “fear of the Lord”.  It doesn’t sound like a nice phrase, but I can say that it saved my life.

God DESIRES for ALL to “permanently stay” in His house.   It’s not just for the “special” or “favoured”.    It’s for you and me.   He is actively looking all the time for people who desire to be in His house – to dwell with Him.  To know Him.  Who like hanging out with Him.   Who are willing to live according to His design.  Those who long for this.

How about you?   Do you desire to stay in His house?  He so desires us to!  He has done everything to make a way for us to do that through Jesus.   And honestly, sometimes verses like the above scare people because they instantly think about how “unworthy” they are compared to the standards God just seemed to state in the above verses, but can I say that I’ve discovered: that’s EXACTLY where God wants us – to know how much we NEED Him.  How much we NEED a Saviour.   We really cannot do “all of the above”.

It’s time to stop running away from Him and start running TO Him…..  He WANTS you in His home…..

  1. December 8, 2010 at 5:42 am

    Connie you post so frequently is hard to catch up! 🙂
    It’s great to post as much as you do. I’d like to post more often. But I’m getting inspired …

    The fear of the Lord has been my best friend over the last 5 years I’ve been on my own journey of faith and healing. The fear of the Lord has kept me going in one direction especially when so many other things had grabbed that attention of my heart. The fear of the Lord has kept me remaining in Christ when the temptation would be to water down the scriptures or compromise with what I know to be true. It’s the kindness of the Lord, it’s seeing how good our God really is that leads us to repentance but when others compromise and water down the scriptures to avoid the tension that may come when others become offended. It has been the fear of the Lord that has kept me on the narrow path but His kindness, goodness, and his love that drew me back to what I know is best and knowing His greatness, to know He is so much bigger then whatever life circumstances that I may come across in my life time, because He is greater, bigger, and good I can always trust in His way even when His way don’t make sense.

    • December 8, 2010 at 1:15 pm

      love it Sarah! that’s the road I’ve been on! Great to hear!
      haha, I haven’t processed my journey in a long time. My nightly routine of blogging has been theraputic for me since my little one has been born 🙂

  2. December 8, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    blogging for me can be kinda complicated and stressful but in the end theraputic for me as well. I’d be interested to hear more from you so I hope you keep blogging. 🙂

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