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What are you aiming at?

Sinning doesn’t mean “breaking rules”.  Whoa what?!   Serious.   That’s not what it means in the greek.   Now before we all celebrate the liberty that’s just been created lets find out what sin DOES mean.

Sin means to “miss the mark”.   What’s that supposed to mean?  I didn’t know we were aiming at something!   Guess what?  We are.

We all aim at something and God says to miss what He has made as the “bullseye” means we’ve fallen short.

Psalm 4:2 says “How long will My (God’s) honor/glory become a reproach?  How long will you love what is worthless and aim at deception?

Can you hear God’s heart in that statement?  He’s talking about people profaning His name.   Not people who say “Oh my God” in a sentence- but people who say “I believe in God” but don’t live according to His ways.   He’s asking; “how long are people going to go on believing that they can say they believe in Me but not live FOR Me?   When will people stop “aiming” away from Me?”

He then states what people are aiming at:  the love of worthless things and deception (things that are false).    Ever since I’ve read this verse I’ve become more aware of my heart and where it aims.   I’ll tell you where it aims: THE MALL!  haha!  Now is the mall bad?  Is that what I’m saying?  GOD FORBID! haha!  No.  That’s not what I’m saying, but I did take a walk through the mall with new eyes piercing my heart about things I was loving and aiming towards:

– I aim to be trendy: I love clothes that make me young and hip (because that’s what people who are over 35 do…. Ok ok, that’s what I do…)   Is it bad to be trendy?  Again, no.   But I felt God ask me “why is that so important to you?”    And as much as I fought and fought it I couldn’t hide my heart from God: it’s because I’m proud.   I want to be admired, liked etc.   Who doesn’t right?   But when I’m at the mall some strange hipnotism takes me over and I’m drawn to the pictures of all the models wearing all these great new fashions and I think that if I could just wear it too I’d feel and have everything I ever want.

– I aim to be beautiful: now this is different than the above.   I am a great consumer.   Seriously, I’m a salesperson’s dream.  For example, I went into my usual salon in the mall to get my eyebrows waxed.   The lady doing my brows happen to mention that I had blotchy skin and that could easily be fixed.  Ok, what did she just say?  BLOTCHY skin?  Oh no… this couldn’t be happening!  OH, but she had a solution!  And she gave it…… and it costed me an extra $180.   So again God asks “Why is this important to you?” and all I could come back to again was….. pride.

There are many other things my heart aims at.  My visa states it all.  Try that!  Look at your visa statement and there your heart lies (unless you put bills on your visa – I’m sure your heart’s not there….)

Psalm 4 states in a different way what sin is.  Is to aim away from God and towards deception.  And you know what deception does?  It deceives.  It leads us away from what the truth really is.  It leads us to sin – to aim away from God, the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start dressing myself in rags and not care about myself.  My store is still Le Chateau hands down, but I have a different attitude about it that I hope I can keep.   It’s not going to bring me happiness or even lead me to where their marketing leads me to believe.

We deceive ourselves when we think that aiming at ANYTHING other than Him will get us anywhere.   I can gain the whole world but lose my soul…

We get to choose where our heart aims.

So friend, I’m aiming at God.  And when I miss – thank God for the cross.

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