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Have you ever been misunderstood?

What we believe about God says a lot about us.  It determines how we live and who we live for.

If we see God as non-existent then we live as we wish.  We call the shots.  We make our own destiny.

If we see God as cruel, we live in a forever shadow of shame and guilt lurking over our shoulder, believing He has caused all bad things that has happened in our lives and in others.

There are many ways people “see” God.   Its always an interesting conversation piece.

Think about this for a moment: have you ever been misunderstood?   Have you ever had someone judge your actions or your intentions?   Your very character?   It’s a horrible thing to feel.  And what’s worse is when they do this based on their own speculation.  Without knowing you or finding out the truth.

So here we are again.  Back to God’s letter to us telling us everything we need to know about Him in this letter called the Bible.  How many have misjudged Him, even those who claim to believe in Him?  How many have just configured up their own opinions of Him?   Those are the very ones who find it hard to stand when times get rough.   I know, because I was one of them.

The night my father died was a horrible night for me.  I had heard he only had 3 more days to live so I stayed in Vancouver to finish a contract.  I would be flying home right after.   I got the call that day saying he wouldn’t make it through the night.    The next morning just before I began teaching, I got the call that he was gone.   I was shocked, full of grief and regret for not being in Calgary with him.

Before he died he had shared with me that God had given him a scripture from the Psalms saying; “You will see your children’s children”.   He took that as a word from God that he would live.   We all know that didn’t happen.

WHY GOD??   I was so confused!  Why would God give a promise like that and then allow him to die?   Why was God allowing this to happen?  I was broken beyond words.   And for the next two years after I believed that God allowed his death because He was disappointed in me.  I carried shame with me every day.  All I could say to God when I did decide to speak to Him was “I’m so sorry….”


Yet everything I was believing about God at that time was based on what I was choosing to see, not on who He really is.  That’s why, friends, it’s so important for those of us who call ourselves “followers of Christ” to actually KNOW who He is.   I can honestly say that through discovering Him more and more each day through His letter my faith is better grounded.   I can say “it is well with my soul” not because I’m to be commended for my endurance but because of what I now KNOW in my heart and gut about who He really is.


So what did I discover?  WHO is He??   Just from the Psalms here’s some. (and this doesn’t of course even scratch the surface.  In fact, in every book of the Bible, I highlight God’s name in a yellow triangle and list all I learn about Him.  That list is huge and is still growing.  I mean, do we ever really learn everything about Him in this life?  Hardly.)


Here are some verses from Psalm 119 that describe the Word of God – which also describes Him as He is the author:

1. He is Faithful

119:86 All Your commandments are faithful

Faithful in the hebrew means:  firm, steady, steadfast, honest, trustworthy


What does this say to me when my world is crumbling?  Is it God who has abandoned me?  No.  WHO is unfaithful?  Me!

Psalm 78:37  Their heart was not steadfast toward Him nor were they faithful to His covenant.


  1. He is Eternal

119:89  Forever His word is settled

Forever in the hebrew means:what is hidden, we can’t see it, it is concealed.   Eternity, something our minds can’t comprehend.  It doesn’t have an end.


Sounds cliche but if God is the author of eternity and lives beyond our limitations of time, then He must know a whole heck of a lot more than I do about “why” things happen.  He sees a bigger picture that I don’t see.


3. He is Perfect

Psalm 19:17  The law of the Lord is perfect (blameless) RESTORING THE SOUL (back to the starting point )


Isn’t that beautiful?


4. He is Pure

119:140 His Word  is pure: refined by fire in order to separate it from the impurities.   His word has been proved by Himself, tried, examined.

19:8  The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes


It says that God’s Word is tried seven times by the fire and it comes out pure every time.  Do MY words hold that much weight?  nope.


5. He is Righteous

Psalm 119:144  Your testimonies are righteous forever

Psalm 31:1  In His righteousness, He rescues us


6. He is True

Psalm 119:151  You are near and all of Your commandments are truth

Psalm 119:160: the sum of Your word is truth

Truth in the hebrew is: firmness, stability, continuance, faithfulness, sureness

One of God’s key attributes


7. He is Good

119:36  Your ordinances are good

Good in the hebrew means: pleasant, delightful, beautiful, excellent, lovely, joyful, fruitful, precious, sound, cheerful, kind, correct, happiness


These are all characteristics of God Himself.


Many of us have heard these terms before and they become “common” to us.   But there’s nothing like life kicking us in the butt to make us stand face to face with God and ask; “Do you really know this about Him?”  and more importantly, “Will you believe it?”


  1. Belinda
    December 3, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Oh Connie! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I too have suffered a dark night of the soul… with the death of both my parents so close together and then something happened that, for me, was even worse. I made a decision. I said to God, “I choose YOU.” I didn’t understand anything else but I knew I could trust God. And yes, He is faithful. Hallelujah! He IS faithful.

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