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Dream big or surrender big?

There’s a lot of pressure out there to have a dream for your life.  To have goals.  To have a vision.   “Go big or go home” is a theme constantly being pushed into the forefront of my mind.

It is true, without a vision people really do lose all restraint.  I was a great example of that in Bible College.   I somehow lost my vision of why I was there and in my fourth year, got caught up in many mischievous acts that got me sent to a committee of people who would decide whether I could continue to be a leader at the school.  Thank God for Cam Milliken who sat me down and gently told me to get my vision back.  I’ll never forget that.   I still, if left with no vision, can get myself into serious trouble.

However, I can also head the other direction where I can become extremely ambitious. So much so that I plow ahead of God and do whatever I have set in my mind to do.  Again….. that also has gotten me into a ton of trouble which another blog may describe.

You don’t need to tell someone with my personality to have a dream.  I got one…. in fact, I got 20.   It’s narrowing them down that’s hard….. and even harder is for me to surrender them.  That’s right, give them up for whatever purpose He would have for me.  Man that’s hard.   It’s me giving up control of my life.  It’s me giving up all I would hope to be.   And when I give all of that up, what’s left?  Fear.   Fear that I will never accomplish anything worthwhile.   Fear that I will never amount to much and just waste this life with the mundane.

I need to be reminded of what David said about the Word of God in Psalm 119.  His Word REVIVES us.

Revive in the hebrew means: to live, exist, enjoy life, live anew, recover, to be well, make alive, enliven, animate, quicken to preserve, to refresh, to rebuild, restore to life.

WOW!! Did you just read that?!! Like seriously read it??!   Our life is completely related to the Word of God and we GAIN our very life from God’s words!  What does this say about me trying in myself to make my life count?   Pretty meaningless isn’t it?   But what if I allow God and His Word to do what I just read it will do?

Check these out!

Psalm 119:37 – He revives me in His ways

Psalm 119:50 – His word has revived me (preserved me)  This is my comfort in my affliction

Psalm 119:88 – He revives me according to His lovingkindness

Psalm 119:93 – by His precepts He has revived me

Psalm 119:107 – I am exceedingly afflicted, revive me Lord according to Your Word (keep me alive)

Psalm 119:116 – He sustains me according to His word (promise) that I may live!

All of my ambitions, hopes and plans…. I surrender these into Your hands.

He who seeks to gain his life will lose it, but those who lose their life for My sake and the sake of the gospel will save it.  (Mark 8:35)

  1. Sarah
    December 2, 2010 at 4:20 am

    “I somehow lost my vision of why I was there and in my fourth year, got caught up in many mischievous acts that got me sent to a committee of people who would decide whether I could continue to be a leader at the school.”

    One such act was spontaneously writing in my year book as though we were best friends … lol I still laugh at that since I didn’t even know who you were until you had written in my year book.

    Hope you don’t mind me commenting. I am actually really liking what you’re writing. It’s just a little hard reading wight on black… not that I’m trying to get you to change anything. Anyways…

    I think it’s really easy to have people believe we have no vision when our behaviors don’t make sense to them. Why? Because we’re not doing what they would do. Or they just don’t understand how our brains are wired. Sometimes the most gifted leaders are those who are misunderstood the most because of their seemingly rebellious ways… used for the Lord are qualities not many have.

  2. Miranda Himmelspeck
    December 2, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    You are awesome Connie!

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