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What are you “keeping”?

Keep in the hebrew means: to hedge around something as with thorns, to guard, keep, watch as a watchmen, keep safe, preserve, protect, retain, abstain oneself, observe a covenant or commandments or a promise, regard, attend, kept, take heed, revere

Have you ever had something that you just adored?  Something that was so precious to you that you made sure that it was safe and protected at all times?   First thing that comes to my mind are my kids.  If I could, I would create a protective barrier around them like a magnetic shield you see in cartoons that would keep them safe and sound. When we humans value something, we go to whatever measure it takes to protect and preserve it.   Security boxes, fire-proof safes, life insurance, fire insurance, RRSP’s…. the list goes on.

We are all passionate about “keeping” something preserved so we can be taken care of.   David speaks of this same kind of passion to “keep” in regards to the Word of God.  To be sure it is protected and preserved in his HEART.   He speaks of keeping God’s precepts diligently (119:4) and with all his heart (119:34) and soul (119:167) – which we discovered in a previous blog that “heart” and “soul” both speak of the deepest, inwards parts of man.

However, one verse that really jumped at me was Psalm 119:67: “Before I was afflicted and went astray but now I keep Your Word”.    Whoa…. David just wrote a piece of my journey right there in one sentence.  I will blog my journey in more detail at some point but for now I can tell you that there was a season in my life where I “went astray” as David has said.   Did I still attend church?  Yes.   Was I ministering and preaching the gospel?  Yes.   Was I leading others to follow Christ?  Yes.   But in my heart, I was astray.  The deepest part of me had a different story – and it was because my desire wasn’t to “keep” God’s Word any longer, I was “keeping” other things in my life:

  • I wanted to “keep” my opinions and adopt some of God’s that fit with mine
  • I wanted to “keep” my dreams and ambitions and see them come to pass
  • I desired to “keep” my position in ministry
  • I wanted to “keep” success and influence
  • I wanted to “keep” doing things my own way and have God bless me

And what did all this “keeping” bring me?  Affliction.  Affliction of the soul – just like David has stated in the verse.   But what did that affliction do?   It brought me to a point of submission.  A realization that I, in myself could not…. And now?  Now my desire is to “keep” His Word.   It is honestly my lifeline.

Apart from God and His ways, there IS NO WAY.  My way …. sucks.  (can I say that?  Oh right, it’s my blog!  yes I can!) Check out these verses in Psalm 119 on “keeping”.

What is your heart preserving?  What is your soul “keeping”?   Who is the deepest part of you truly serving?

Psalm 119:4, 5, 8, 9 , 34, 44, 55, 57, 60, 67, 88, 101, 106, 134, 136 , 146, 167, 168

  1. Dan Cousins
    December 1, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Thanks for sharing Connie! How exciting that you are doing a blog too. And, yea, you can say ‘sucks’ as often as you like. I look forward to hearing more of your heart and I subscribed to your blog. God’s favour be all over you as you pour out your heart and thoughts. You go gurl!

  2. Lee-Ann Chisholm
    December 1, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Connie thank you for sharing, it this busy world we live in I often wonder what is it in this life I am really seeking. Do I truly value time with my husband and kids? Do I put on that happy face when I get to work for strangers when I have just scolded my kids for a sibling argument. I cry out for God to change my heart to be the person he sees me as and who he has meant for me to be. What a merciful God who loves us,

  3. December 1, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Sometimes it’s the familiar we keep in our hearts. We do what we do because that is the only thing we know. Jesus calls us out of the familiar and into the unknown. He calls us to lay down our own ambitions, our dreams,everything including our very life! We forget that it’s actually in this surrendering we actually do find hope though it can be dark, lonely, painful … we find hope because God can’t resurrect the living so we learn to die that God can bring His resurrection power to us that we might be able to step into the fullness of our great calling and purpose in Christ as we become the woman or man that God originaly intended us to be.

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