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Word in action

Many wonder the “how?”

How do I begin to read God’s word?

How do I understand it?

How do I know what is being said?

In Psalm 119 David tells us exactly “how” and “what” he does with God’s Word.

1. Walk in it (Psalm 119:1, 4, 35, 59)

2. Observe  it:  In the Hebrew means to guard, protect, maintain, obey, behold, watch, inspect, keep, preserve, besiege, the idea of keeping God’s covenant with faithfulness

(Psalm 119:2, 18, 56, 69, 100, 115, 117, 129, 145) And not just “observe” it but observe it with all our hearts.  He even goes as far as saying that “his soul” observes them.   Soul meaning: inner parts.  The deep part of man.  It wasn’t just surface with David.   It was from the gut.

3. I will diligently consider: In the hebrew means to discern, perceive, observe, pay attention, understand, be intelligent, instruct, teach, attend to, be sensible, regard, deal wisely, prudent, skillful

Primary meaning: Understanding or insight.  Discernment is closely related.  It does not mean knowledge of data but how to USE information wisely – we must diligently pursue it)

Psalm 119:95   It wasn’t just to consider, but to diligently consider.   To pursue – the opposite of sitting back, apathetic.  Perhaps opposite of thinking its the preacher’s responsibility to “feed” the Word to me?   (Every pastor reading is shouting “amen!” haha) Perhaps opposite of giving up too easy on taking the time to read/observe it?   Perhaps opposite of valuing my own opinion?

4. Seek

Psalm 119:2 – with all your heart.   The heart in hebrew means: “the centre, the physical heart, blood pumping organ, but more common to interpret as the totality of mans inner or immaterial nature: heart and soul.  These are the deepest, innermost feelings.  In the Bible the whole spectrum of human emotions is attributed to the heart.  Wisdom and understanding reside in the heart.  The heart is the seat of the will.  It is the seat of moral evil.  It can be deceived. (why do I hear “Lord of the Rings” music in the background of my mind when I read that?) Refusing to make the proper decision is to harden the heart” (Bible Lexicon)

Did you catch that?  The heart can be deceived.  It can become hard.  It is the deepest part.   Seeking with all of the heart means that I am choosing to allow God to form my heart through what HE says, not what I feel.   If my heart does not align with what He says in His word, it would be easy for my heart to become deceived or even get hardened by life’s circumstances and/or people’s opinions and reactions.

There’s MORE!  But I know I can only handle bits at a time so the “more” will come later.   For now, chew on the above.   Look up the scriptures, OBSERVE what they say.  DILIGENTLY CONSIDER them.   SEEK God’s words with all your heart and WALK in them.   You and I will never be the same……

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